Jun 15, 2009

This is it ladies! I am beat and I have run out of vellum, and ink and the blade on my Fiskers paper cutter is EXTREMELY dull. So dull I had to cut the rough edges off 68 places cards by hand. My hands are throbbing and my fingers are sore. My escort cards look AWFUL! They are off center and BLAH because I had to print them on the laser jet which only prints in black. In the 2nd picture you'll see how I tried to make certain people stand out. Anyone under the age of 21 only has a first name on their card and it's typed in Comic Sans. Everyone else is in French script which I didn't show b/c I am to tired to edit out anyone's last name. Also members of the Wedding Party have silver hearts, our parents get red hearts, important people in the ceremony (the Reverend and people doing readings) get a large piece of bling and everyone else gets a small piece of bling. I know they suck but I have to make do with what I have at this point because we are BROKE! The third picture are my contributions to the Welcome Baskets: hot cocoa, Tazo Berryblossom White Tea, and again the Vanilla Cream coffee. Mom and I made the jam in the 4th picture sometime back but I have since applied labels to them. This week/weekend she will be making the English Muffin Loaf and maybe her homemade chocolate chip cookies that everyone in the family loves. I cannot wait for this to be done so I can just relax!
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Escort Card
Escort Cards
Coffee, Tea and Cocoa - Welcome Baskets
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Bless your heart.  For the record, your projects look really good, but I know it's different when you had a certain image in mind, plus you had to do all the laboring.  At least this part is behind you & you can rest (for now).  I wish you super strength & sweet sleep tonight so that you can feel restored for the remainder of your projects. Hang in there girl!
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
I a giving you an "A" for effort! Bless your heart, you are really trying! MyHotComments.com
Take time and rest your pretty little hands for more prepping. Don't be discouraged, keep it going. It will all come together when the time is right. I used a few things around the house to for last minute prepping. I needed place cards for the directions to the cameras and used a big playing card, wrapped with silver wrapping paper from Xmas and printed out the directions and pasted on, used glitter around the edges. Not bad, you just keep going!  I'm proud!
mommybride's Purple wedding
Pacific, MO, USA
I love the different embellishments you put on the escort cards (the hearts and "bling").. very unique idea. They look wonderful, don't be so harsh on yourself! :)

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