Purple weight loss! I have lost 20 pounds since May!
2008 sept 056

weight loss!
I have lost 20 pounds since May!

I have reached my half way goal, lost 20 pounds since may and am hoping to loose 15 to 20 more by christmas. But I kinda reached a low point I am pretty happy with the weight loss to this point so loosing more is becoming harder. Its amazing the difference 20 pounds makes.
For those that wanna know how I did it well I give thanks to weight watchers and nintendo wii dance dance revolution. Now I also go to the gym but need to work harder on the meal planning.
Anyway just making announcments.
arliene06's Blue wedding
 |  Apple valley, CA, USA  |  10/20/2008  | 
ugh. i'm trying to, but its just soo hard. lol.
i've only started, but 2 lbs down lots to go!

Good Luck on the rest!
eponine923's Green wedding
 |  Lancaster, PA, USA  |  10/20/2008  | 
wonderful!!! Good job!! I'm really struggling... I just can't get my head full into it!! Keep pluggin away!
sarbear0931's Green wedding
 |  Thornhill, ON, Canada  |  10/20/2008  | 
i just started weight watchers... i hope it works for me as well as it has for you... but you have been going to the gym as well so i think i should become a member at a gym.. anyways Keep up the great work!!!!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  10/20/2008  | 
Great work.  I realize just how hard the first ten pounds can be to loose.
billiewinter's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  10/21/2008  | 
wow 20 pounds!!!
I could only wish!!!! I dont even know where to start i have 60 pounds to lose to get down to the weight i have to be to fit into my dress... I've almost given up and have been thinking about going and buying a new dress maybe not in a size 8 like i have but in a 10 or 12 ish instead of the 16 i need right now... Arg im so frusterated!! but im so glad to hear someone is able to do it!!!
Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!!!
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