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kyrasaunders2's Purple wedding
My wedding is all about Glitz, Glamour and Glitter!!!!!!! Almost everything in my wedding is DIY. I love making crafty and unique items that express my ideas!!! I cannot wait to marry my Best Frien...
cbusbride's Purple wedding
My Husband & I are planning our Vow Renewal
readytobemrsjones's Purple wedding
Were having a Music awards theme wedding with Gold albums a red carpet velvet rope complete with paparazzi and custom back drop a theater with jumbo tron and a fun gourmet burger menu! Im excited!!!!

2015mrswattley's Purple wedding
Purple,lavender, and grey/silver
mrshahn2b's Purple wedding
This is my second and his first so we are having the whole to-do. It is taking place at a wood lodge in a state park in PA. I want an elegant, classic wedding, yet somehow laid back. I'm going with...
chaedra's Purple wedding
On September 18 ,2015 I will be Mrs Castor i cannot wait my FH is my best-friend.

ido1231's Purple wedding
The theme is Open Heart I am very excited about marrying the man who makes my heart go pitter patter. I feel so safe, secure and most importantly loved. Robert is a wonderful man. Our wedding cere...
zayshata04's Purple wedding
I have been waiting 2 YEARS to marry this man, and on 6/29/2014 will be my day to say I DO!!!!! In front of family and friends....This wedding will be my first and only time I ever get married, so ...
tweetyangel's Purple wedding
Our wedding is our second anniversary and a vowel renewal. We didnt get what we wanted the first time so we doing it right this time. Our theme is Two Hearts One Love and our colors are Lapis and C...
eleganciaevents's Purple wedding
As I planned my wedding with the help of Wedding By Color it was a complete success. What I did realize, it was not easy and I did not get to enjoy it like I should have. So.... I decided to become...

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nidhal's Purple wedding
Can't wait to be married and celebrate with all of the people we love! We are having our wedding at a Los Angeles nightclub and it is so beautiful and chic! Our colors are purple, white, silver and...
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
My H2B and I are travelling all the way from Ireland with our 2 daughters (aged 6 & 1 at time of wedding) and with approx 50 guests to Cancun, Mexico to get married. We are going to spend 14 ni...
hismrsb's Purple wedding
our wedding will be in the spring of two thousand and twelve. we are having a traditional Portuguese wedding, very elegant & classy with a romantic atmosphere. our color combo is purple & s...
victorias1911's Purple wedding
Black and white damask with lavender accents... I love it! I love planning!

purplenat1's Purple wedding
We live in Indiana (Boiler Up) but the wedding will be on Long Island (NY). I'm hoping for something classic yet contemporary.
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
April 2012 -counting down!! We want to make our wedding our own as much as possible. Tradition is key but we don't want to get so lost in it that our day is boring. The most imporant aspect...
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Our wedding will be sophisticated, chic, and glamorous! My fiance is amazing, and he plans to give me the wedding of my dreams. I can't wait to say "I do"! My colors are purple (different shades...
nickim's Purple wedding
Plum, Shades of Purple, Black & White; Chic, Unique, Elegant, Fun, Crystals, Feathers, Petals, and traditional touches

mibride080610's Purple wedding
Going for a classic wedding with unique touches that reflect our personality.
soontobemrspatton's Purple wedding
i love the damask prints,black/white with lavender/purple/plum .fcs_topleft { position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; } .fcs_topright { position: absolute; top: 0px; right: 0px; } div.wrap {...
tiffbride10's Purple wedding
We are having a Winter Wonderland Wedding On December 4, 2010. We are using Berry,White, And Charcoal. most of all after being engaged for 2 and a half years I'm just ready to marry my love and my ...

shoeaholic's Purple wedding
classy and chic - timeless. Our colors are lime green, plum and a touch of gold.
kkrbride's Purple wedding
My wedding is going to be a romantic rockin party! Our colors are black, dark purple and ivory. I envision us surrounded by candlelight and all of our family! Dancing the night away!
kittieswed's Purple wedding

mommybride's Purple wedding
My fiance and I are having a private ceremony on our original anniversary and then having a big reception the Saturday after. The REAL planning will go into the reception. :)
littlelamb's Purple wedding
I have been dreaming/planning for this day since I was about 5! Our wedding will be Purple, grey, platinum and white! My fiance and I have been together for 6 years and we are SO excited to finally...
ourwedding13's Purple wedding
We are paying for our wedding ourselves. My favorite color is purple so you already know what my colors have to be ;) I will try and include him in everything, but really he's not a 'hands-on-groom...

christy1's Purple wedding
Our wedding was simply DIVINE!!!! God came through, He is always on time!!! i love my husband!!
specialk2122's Purple wedding
Our wedding colors are Sangria, Cream and Black w/ light pink accents. We are having an outdoor cermony and indoor reception at Golf Club.
futuremrsnixon1's Purple wedding
We are in the beginning planning stages at the moment. I want to have a small ceremony at a local chapel here with immediate family and then a big reception with all of our family and friends ...
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
My vision is to have it feel glamorous, classy, and romantic.

mrsskippydo's Purple wedding
I am getting married at Vintage Villas overlooking Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, at sunset. Our colors are lilac, ivory and silver. We are incorporating our families into the wedding and we look fo...
chineyelovesrickey's Purple wedding
We are a fun couple & want a fun and exciting wedding!!!! I can't wait to become Mrs. Teems!!!
katieebee's Purple wedding
Boo-skey and I have known each other since we were 12 and in the 7th grade. We went to middle school, high school, and college together and until recently, I had no idea he had a crush on me the en...
22011bride's Purple wedding

tkbooker's Purple wedding
Our main goal is for this day to reflect the LOVE that me and my FH have for one another. Our colors are purple, light, and dark grey.
erayitas7's Purple wedding
The Wedding Colors are: Teal (FH's Favorite Color), Purple (My Favorite Color) & Ivory. The theme will be either Peacock or Beach (I need help deciding!!) Music Playlist at ...
daniellemary's Purple wedding
We are getting married in October. Our colors are purple with orange and black accents. There are small touches of Halloween throughout the wedding :)
pamnandy's Purple wedding
Classic/traditional with modern hints. Colour scheme - dark purple, silvery grey, and orange.

mrsfrancois's Purple wedding
The theme for my wedding is New Orleans Romance, with a color scheme of Fuschia, Silver, Purple. My symbol is going to be the Fleur De Lis. I love this symbol and what it represents I will be surro...
bugchick0's Purple wedding
My wedding was beautiful and affordable. I cut as many corners as possible without taking way from the dream wedding I wanted! Lots of DIY and bargain shopping. Lavender and sage Hydrangea theme! I...
loislovesclark's Purple wedding
We will be having a fun and elegant fall wedding with plum/eggplant and burgundy as the main colors, and lots of pearls and lace. I am calling it my "Victorian Autumn" wedding.
mardigrasdez's Purple wedding
We are finally getting married in 2011. It will be starting on December 31st this year and our vows will be announced at midnite! Our dream is to have a masquarade affair ball with a Mardi Gras typ...

laydeecadbury's Purple wedding
Our wedding will have a Glam meets Romantic theme with a chic twist! Our main colours will be Purple & Teal. I got my background at
mrsdee's Purple wedding
On august 03 2013 my colors are purple and silver with a little bling... I'm looking for this day to be the most magical day of my life i will be marring my soul mate and my best friend... Th...
dahliadarling's Purple wedding
Vintage Glam Classy with Hints of Alice In Wonderland
hisfuturemrs's Purple wedding
Magical. Whimsical. Romantic.

faithsophi's Purple wedding
Hi! I'm 26. I just moved in to Toronto. I'm planning a wedding on my own. Family and friends are to far to help.
futuremrsdonahue's Purple wedding
We are planning a small wedding for about 90 guests, outdoors and very romantic in pinks, purples and gray. Possilby with bling and sparkles.

stbmrslynn's Purple wedding
A renassiance night going vintage in black plum and victorian lilac and ivory. ...
rainbobride2011's Purple wedding
I am having a Peacock themed wedding...
tishntone's Purple wedding
Purple is my favorite color, birthstone and color for the high school my FH and I attended. We are moving to a different state. Since we will miss the lakefront, I decided my theme should include...
amyblaire's Purple wedding
I've been so blessed with a FH who has a huge heart and loves me, flaws and all :) MySpace Layouts MySpace Codes MySpace Backgrounds This Profile Edited with, Customize...

annacy's Purple wedding
John and Myself are so excited for our day. We can't wait to celebrate our love for eachother in front of our family and friends! Myspace Backgrounds Our main color is Dark Purple with d...
sdclarinet's Purple wedding
ShoutMix chat widget MySpace Backgrounds<
godsblessing's Purple wedding
We are having a classy, chic wedding with gray, purples an accent of fushia. I got my background at
notabridezilla's Purple wedding
The actual colors of the wedding are Eggplant fuchsia and ivory :) Our families are helping us plan our dream wedding. We are on a budget but I've found ways to save and still have the things I wa...

jennalee333's Purple wedding
Purple & Apple/Lime Green!
lizylindz's Purple wedding
andrewloveskim's Purple wedding
Purple and Silver Wedding :D

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fireflybride's Purple wedding
We are using purple as our main color, with dark pink as our main accent color, and a little bit of bright orange to "pop." We're going for a "fairytale forest" sort of theme. Paul & I have ...
chaedra's Purple wedding
On September 18 ,2015 I will be Mrs Castor i cannot wait my FH is my best-friend.
brandbre's Purple wedding
Old Hollywood/Art Deco with a summer flair
princessfortheday's Purple wedding
Our theme is regal glamour. We are using purple and gold.

pinacoladaprincess's Purple wedding
my bridesmaids will be wearing the same color, but will have different styles that work with their own body types.
tcolebro's Purple wedding
We are actually renewing our vows. We are thinking Beach wedding. Small ceremony for two with lots of personal and unique details
hismrsreid's Purple wedding
Our wedding will be a combination of eggplant, lilac and ivory. I am not exactly on a budget but I am definitely keeping it under $15,000 (that includes the honeymoon hotel, flight, and car rental)...

shanna24's Purple wedding
> I am so excited to be marrying the love of my life. I know without a doubt that this is who God had picked for me long before I ever knew his name.
melorbride's Purple wedding
A simple, intimate wedding. More focused on making it lovely for my FH and I than impressing our guests. No BMs, GM, FG, RB, etc. It's all about us, baby. :)
princessd's Purple wedding
Will be a mix of Greek and Portuguese, it's going to be a royal purple with a mixture of silver and golds :)
enchantedbride's Purple wedding
We will be having our wedding September 2011in the Garden & our Celebration will be held on the Terrace of Olifants River Lodge. Our colours are Purple & Turquoise After being together ...

texasdivabride's Purple wedding
I'm so excited I will be marrying my soulmate,this is well overdue after 5 years.My wedding theme is Royal & Regal with Dark Purple/Eggplant and Gold colors.
kismet1220's Purple wedding
Black and white with purple accents and damask patterning! We are also having a traditional Vietnamese ceremony on the Sunday the week before the wedding :)
kaikai2004's Purple wedding
A fall evening wedding with tons of candles and hints of bling. Complete with lots of love family and friends flowers layout powered by / MyHotComments

2015mrswattley's Purple wedding
Purple,lavender, and grey/silver
soon2bmrsruffin's Purple wedding
" " We are still in the early stages of planning however, we plan to have an elegeant mid winter wedding using the colors purple, platinum and black.
axocutie143's Purple wedding
Black and white damask with lavender accents, I'm a DIY bride planning a platinum wedding on a not-so-platinum budget! :)

dreamingofpurple's Purple wedding
I'am dreaming of purple and lavender with touches of black and white Damask. A classic-romantic look.
leximorenita's Purple wedding
Hello! My groom and I are planning on both being very much involved in the planning of our wedding. The colors we have chosen are "Lapis" and "Oasis" basically they are a dark purple and turquoise...
violetprincess's Purple wedding
Our wedding is a traditional Croatian wedding, 230+ guests with damask elements on a lavender and white color scheme.

katavery's Purple wedding
Visit my blog at We're hoping for an eclectic vintage wedding full of antique furniture, fairy lights, and love. We're holding the ceremony in an outdoo...

bela786's Purple wedding
It's going to be a rustic vintage theme. We have decided to have a Romeo & Juliet Themed wedding, very rustic, elegant... lots of candles, wood, pearls, lace and white roses/peony and Ivy... Ou...
muffinmonster's Purple wedding
My colors are lavender/lilac/silver...with accents of black damask and fushia.
ncbride's Purple wedding
WE are having a lush wedding filled with hues of Purple, White & Gray. Hints of peacock feathers here & there. I look forward to marrying my best friend.
puglover's Purple wedding
the family farm will be the backdrop for my wedding