Here are a few pictures that our photographer was able to edit quickly. The one with the parasol is my favorite. Our photographer, Ron Douglas, is a friend of ours. He and my husband met 10 years ago in college. He doesn't usually do wedding, but for friends he does. He's got some more amazing shots, but he won't let me share them till they're edited, so I'll post them when they come. :-D
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Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
Purple Wedding Photography Sneak Peek Pro shots
We bought 200 of these boxes just to be safe, but used fewer than 100. These purple take-out boxes are the PERFECT size for standard sized cupcakes, but they would also be ideal for a candy buffet, or for toting any other trinkets or leftovers.

Dimensions when closed:
bottom: 2 5/8" by 2 1/8"
top: 3 5/8" by 3"
Height: 3 1/2"

Asking: $12 plus shipping - shipping will depend on where you live (US vs elsewhere) and how you would prefer that I ship (USPS, fed ex, cheapest possible...)

We originally bought them for around $18.50
Here's where we bought them:

Feel free to make me an offer if you think $12 is too much.
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100 of them
Close up
Well, after the perfect ceremony, the reception was fantastic. I only wish the dancing had started earlier, like DURING dinner. haha. We had so much fun. Nick's grandfather sang while he danced with his mom, and my dad and I danced a "rock n roll" to some French tune. Fun times. :-)
There were cranes everywhere, the cupcakes were so cute, and people were just having a grand ole time. Basically, everything went perfectly.

OK ok, so our cream-puff cake (croquembouche) fell apart. Like it just crumbled and fell down. Haha! And maybe we totally forgot to plan having a diy photobooth, and so it didn't happen at all.

But otherwise everything went perfectly perfect. What an amazing day. :-D So happy.
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That group shot is the first (and so far only) picture that our photog has edited and gotten ready for us. Fun fun picture! We did all the pro pics before the ceremony so we could hang out at our own cocktail hour.
Anyway, here are our ceremony pictures - or the ones our friends and family have posted of us. Our ceremony was really special. My childhood pastor officiated, but it wasn't overly religious or pompous, seeing as my now husband is an atheist. It was a good balance. The readings made me tear up, but I controlled myself well! Then we both struggled not to cry during our vows which we wrote together. Pastor liked them a lot, and he's heard a lotta vows. :-)
We did a little wine ceremony instead of a unity candle (because there's a breeze by the water) which was short and sweet. Everything went smoothly, and afterwards, when we were hanging out at the cocktail hour, every person I talked to said it was a beautiful ceremony and that they were really moved by everything said. :-) And of course the weather was absolutely perfect. Not a drop, not a cloud, not even any humidity! Absolutely perfect. :-D
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6Standing some more
Because there are so many pictures to sort though, I'll break them up into short, easy to manage sections. On the day of, our hairdresser/make-up artist had to come really early because it was just one woman doing 7 hairstyles and 3 faces. Lots of work for her! I want to give her major props, Valerie was amazing. If you are in the metro NY area, and want a natural look, Valerie is the girl for you. Check out her amazing website.
My BM Kathy arrived first, already in her dress, ready to go, with bagels, cream cheese, and juice. I love Kathy!! Then Valerie arrived at around 9:30am (I know, early) and we got started with Kathy's hair, then Sena, Jess, and Ashley. I was last so I'd be freshest. It did take a while, though. About an hour for each my face and my hair. It was worth it, though. Then the girls got dressed, and helped me into mine. People kept telling me that I was relaxed, but I started getting annoyed when I thought we were going to be off schedule. Ah well, I had planned in tons and tons of time in case this happened. :-)
Once we were all good and ready, we headed downstairs for the big reveal which was cute and fun, but I don't have any pictures of that yet. Our photog is working on editing them now. Right after that, we rode to the venue to take pictures, and again, those are from our photog and they are not yet edited. So the next installment will be the ceremony. Get excited!! (haha)
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2getting ready
3girls dolled up
4dress on
5All done
Heading to a cabin on the lake for our honeymoon. I'll post wedding pictures when I get back. Yay for rest and relaxation!
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Things have gone pretty smoothly in terms of wedding planning. My dress turned out great, our venue went off without a hitch, and so on. But on the day before the wedding, things just started going wrong. MotG lost her dress. Getting a marriage license looked like it wouldn't be possible. And the hairstylist canceled. OMG. She stepped on some spike, and could no longer drive. I am not even joking. The day before my wedding, and there is no one to do my hair. Holy crap.
For a few hours my mother and I called each other back and forth, frantically, trying to figure out what to do. She was going to do 7 people's hair, including mine, the bride, and now she couldn't even make it to the venue by herself. My mom started making all these plans of how she would get her brother to drive her down, then put her on the bus and all this. What a mess. Things had been going so well.
In the end, I said to hell with her. I don't even like her, and she's a drama queen, and if we can kick her out of this, and find someone else (with less than 24hours notice) then that will be better off.
Luckily for us, our make-up artist also does hair, and ended up agreeing to do everyone's hair, and my, my mom's and MotG's make up. Wow. That was a stressful day.
But all's well that ends well. :-) Tomorrow, I'll post pictures that our friends took.
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Did you know that in NY state, you need your birth certificate to get a marriage license? Also, have you noticed that when you are packing for a 2 day car trip, your birth certificate is not the first thing you remember to pack? Yeah...
So we walk into town hall last week, and they remind us that we needed to have our birth certificates, and that they needed to be in English. Oh dear. a friend of ours was watching our cats, so he had the keys to our house, so we had him overnight the papers. Thank you John! Unfortunately, my birth certificate is in French.
When we went back to town hall, we now had to persuade the clerk that this was in fact a birth certificate, specifically mine, and that we should be allowed to get married damnit because our ceremony is TOMORROW! Oh boy that was fun. But because it was Canadian, the black form was in French and English, even though the information (say my date of birth) was handwritten in French. But I also had my passport, so we got away with it.
Long story short, we got the license. Hurray!
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Before we left for the wedding I posted on July 23rd, so now I'll tell you about July 24th. We went to a friend's wedding on the way to ours. The bride was beautiful, the groom was all smiles, and things went very well. Except for when every single guest got a surprise glimpse of the bride's garter during the ceremony, right between the exchange of vows and unity candle lighting inside the Catholic church. Wow, what a show!
Here's what happened. She had a hoop crinoline under her dress to make it poofy and have breathing room underneath. Unfortunately, this also meant that when she lifted her dress up a bit to go down a few steps (they were on a raised platform) she lifted it much higher than she thought. The hoop leaned back so that we all got a very high upskirt shot.
So the wedding became a little bit more exciting than we had anticipated. So ladies, if you are considering a hoop crinoline, DO NOT LIFT YOUR SKIRT just let it drag, especially if you elevated. :-)
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hoop skirt oops
hoop skirt danger
Not recommended
This is the only picture I have. One of my bridesmaids took this with her phone before the ceremony. That flask (with the cranes on it) was our gift to the groomsmen, and one of them filled it with bourbon the day of. Brilliant move. Nummers, bourbon is good. I'll get you all caught up with what has been going on for the past week during the upcoming week and I'll finish off with pictures of the wedding, hopefully!
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