Jul 27, 2009

From the green bride guide website:

Are conventional weddings really that bad for the environment?

There are 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States, with an average of more than 150 guests each. When you add up all of the stuff that goes into weddings (single-use bleached white dresses, chemically treated imported flowers, toxic makeup and skin care products, mined gem-based jewelry, individual packets of rice, etc.) you see that the environmental impact from these events is enormous.

For example, if every wedding this year used a disposable aisle runner and they were laid end to end, they would circle the globe twice! Similarly, the amount of paper used to make invitations could cover the island of Manhattan. The bottom line is that every green choice makes a difference - no matter how small.

I'll do what I can - use recycled paper for invitations, have the ceremony and reception at the same place to avoid extra driving, and use recycled & recyclable paper bags for the candy buffet.
What are you doing to have a more green wedding?
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green bridge
ladybugg's Blue wedding
We had our guests throw ecofetti when we emerged from the church instead of regular confetti.
may23bride2be's Green wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
The only think that have in mind for now is electronic Rsvp instead of regular paper ones.
light1882's Orange wedding
Mission, KS, USA
Our invitations will be one page only. Guests will rsvp online or by phone. I am making button bouquets instead of having real flowers. The ceremony and reception are at the same location. There will be no throwing of anything for a send off because we're not leaving until 2am! The attendants outfits will be something they pick out so they will wear them again. I plan on dying my wedding dress black when I'm done with it and making it into a little black cocktail dress.

I think that about covers it.

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