Apr 28, 2010

I want to add some sort of defining detail to our OOT gift bags, so obviously I thought of cranes. I stitched the outline of a crane with some embroidery thread, and I also drew the same outline with a silver pen. I used a crane logo (last picture) for the design. I could also use a crane stencil (pic 5) and use this tutorial to have a filled in image on the bag instead of just an outline:

My question is, which option do you like best? (a) thread (b) silver outline (c) stencil (probably in purple or green ink)

Thanks for helping me!
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Plain OOT bag
Green thread
Silver pen
green on L silver on R
crane stencil
Crane Logo
tashasita's Purple wedding
Mount hope, ON, Canada
I like the stencil if you can fill it in instead of just an outline
jtherrie's Chocolate wedding
Thunder bay, ON, Canada
I like the stencil as well. The other 2 you barely notice. And the stencil will stand out more. :)
danielleb's Purple wedding
Fort mcmurray, AB, Canada
I agree with tashasita and jtherrie...the stencil would look great!
princessfortheday's Purple wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
The stencil is a great idea.  It would look really nice.
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
Portsmouth, NH, USA
I like the stencil because I feel like it will stand out more against the bag.

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