Jan 9, 2010

Since I live far away from where the wedding will be taking place, I'm planning a trip to NY in March to meet up with all the vendors during spring break. With the venue we have, floral centerpieces and the cake are included so I've got to visit these folks. What were your experiences with your first visit with your vendors? Did you spend more time tasting cakes or designing it? Did you give specific flowers that you wanted, or just gave a general idea for colours and shape? I'd like to know what I'll be walking into and what I should expect before I make appointments with these folks.
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Hi! I just registered WBC, although I have been lurking for awhile :)

I spent more time designing the cake than tasting, my FH does not eat cake.My FMIL wanted something like raspberry orange chocolate custard filling!!! ujmmmm, no, thats a little much! I just picked a white tier, a chocolate tier, and a marble tier, with a plain vanilla filling. I also know since were not having kids, and very few of our friends eat cake that it will most likely not even be eaten!

Before you go into any appt, have a list of question you want to ask. Often, you get off topic and than forget what you wanted to ask. I gave not only a specific flower to my venue, but the exact vases I wanted used as well! Be very specific with what you want, otherwise they may percieve it completely differently!

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