Crane ornament
Crane ornament
Crane ornament
Crane ornamentCrane ornamentPurple DIY Wedding Working on StDsPurple DIY Wedding Working on StDs

DIY Wedding
Working on StDs

I got the crane stamp I ordered, and I've been writing our initials and wedding date on the origami cranes, and then putting on some string to make them ornaments. So, now I've just got to finalize the design of the card, print them all out, have them cut, stamp them, glue the backs on, fold 'em, cut, wrap, and glue ribbon around them, and tuck in the cranes. Woah. Many steps. I think they'll look pretty cool, though. I've also realized that the wrong paper I got from treecycle was actually not because they described it wrong, but because they sent me the wrong stuff. That means that I should get a free exchange. So I've still got to wait for that. These simple save the dates are actually taking a long time.

Oh, btw, check out the adorable stick on rhinestones I got at Michael's the other day - $1 each, and in out colours!
futuredrbraun's Pink wedding
 |  State college, PA, USA  |  09/27/2009  | 
Awwww I LOVE THEM!!! My last name is Crane (soon to be maiden name) so I'm especially loving the crane stamp! They turned out so great and especially the $1 rhinestones!
oldhollywoodbride's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  09/29/2009  | 
love love love....your std cranes....so very unique! How are you using the rhinestones? Love the bling!
tunatuna's Yellow wedding
 |  Portland, OR, USA  |  09/29/2009  | 
wow that's a super cute idea, hadn't even thought of it! =)
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