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Photobook Roundup
Photobook Roundup
Wedding Photography
Photobook MUST READ
You must read this if you want to make your own photo album using an online book printing service. I am not joking. This guy (who has such a lovely Canadian accent in his videos) spent over a year working on photobooks. He created a baby album, had it printed, and hated it, so he spent 6 months (after the initial 9 months of creating the perfect baby book) testing out the top photobook contenders. There is a video for every book with all the pros and cons along with a description of the process for each service. A huge thank-you to Jason Dunn and his hard work.
Group photo
Group photo
TP wedding dresses
"photo shower" gifts
Group photoTP wedding dressesphoto shower gifts
Bridal Shower
Some pictures
My MoH sent me these pics of the shower. It was pretty fun. I asked for no games, but my MoH likes them so much, that we spent about half the time playing shower games. Oh well. It made her so happy, and she organized the thing, so it was her party to plan.
Anyway, I had fun. I got to judge all the dresses being made out of toilet paper, and then eat yummy yummy food. Half the gifts were money, so that was awesome :-) Because I had to fly out to get to the shower, guests brought pictures of the gifts they had bought and shipped to our home. This was really convenient, and pictures of the gifts got passed around for everyone to see. Since then, we have been getting all these boxes in the mail. It's so fun to be getting presents all the time! :-)
VictoriasSecretShortConvertible available in white
RubberDuckyLongRubberDuckyLongbkRubberDuckyShortRubberDuckyShortbkLavenderConvertible2VictoriasSecretLongVictoriasSecretShortVictoriasSecretShortConvertible available in white
Ask a Question
Reception Dress Advice
I decided that instead of spending $100 or more on having the train bustled on my wedding dress, I would just buy a reception dress with the money.
Here are my reception dress criteria:
1. It looks bridal (aka white, long-ish) because I'll be wearing it for most of the reception, not just after dinner.
2. It's comfortable
3. Costs $150 or less
4. I could wear it again
I'm in love with the idea of a long white convertible dress. I found a short version for cheap but it's not very bridal.
I've also found a few pastel version on etsy for a great price, (CoralieBeatrix) but no white ones because the seller hasn't found any non-sheer white fabric.
There's also this dress on the trend boutique by Rubber ducky that's really gorgeous, but it's $170. The short version is $120, but I like the idea of a longer dress.
There are a few other Victoria Secret dresses that are alright, but I just can't seem to find exactly what I want for the right price. The etsy seller will have a new batch of fabrics June 15th, but if there's no white, I don't know what I'll do! Suggestions??
Variety of cards
Variety of cards
DIY Wedding
Shower Thank-you Cards
I'm back! But I don't have any pictures. Haha, my friends took lots of them, so I'm waiting for e-mails and facebook posts. In the meantime, I've been writing thank-you cards. I just sent out a bunch yesterday. The little wedding dresses are origami folded out of the same kind of paper as the envelopes. The paper is all left over from our invitations. I decorated each dress with remnants of ribbon or little stick on rhinestones. The dresses were then stuck onto dark purple paper with double sided tape. Because the paper is so dark, I used a silver paint pen from Michael's to write.
I got them all sent out yesterday. I've got 5 left overs for early wedding gifts.
Off I go
Be back in 10 days!
These pictures are random "makeovers" I did on This was the subtlest I could make the make-up look... hahaha. Scary eyelashes. The other is my post wedding haircut idea. I can not wait to chop it all off!!!
Anyways, I'm going back to NY today for my brother's graduating, make-up shopping and practice with my MOH, my shower, and my bachelorette. Wow! Busy. But I will be back with many exciting updates. :-D
The guilt
Wedding *stuff* and paper waste
I am starting to feel like all the stuff we are amassing for the wedding is a big pile of waste. We made 1000 paper cranes, 90 save the dates (still have a dozen left over), a big pile of invitations, and now I still plan on making fan programs and cootie catchers. I'm also going to have two dresses, 15+ centerpieces, bouquets for me and bridesmaids, etc etc etc.
I'm trying not to fall into intensive consumerism, and I'm feeling really bad about all the stuff and paper we're going through for this one day. I realize there is nothing I can really do about it now, but I just keep feeling guilty. I try to do good for the environment and I try to support local business and all that. I guess I just want to find a way to alleviate my pile-o-wedding-crap guilt.
DIY Wedding
Crepe Paper flowers: EASY
I have been finding a lot of DIY tutorials for flowers lately. But here's a new one for tiny little flowers, ideal for a boutonnière.
An entire bouquet of these roses would actually only cost $2!! Best DIY ever. hahaha.
They're actually made of crepe paper streamers bought at the dollar store. No glue, staples, or adhesive of any kind necessary. So easy, so cheap, it's nearly impossible. The tutorial video is halfway down the page. I love the kids' comments during. :-)
DIY bookmark
DIY bookmark
Wedding Favors
My favorite I ever got
I've been to my fair share of weddings, eaten bad food, gotten more than tipsy, and danced late into the night is pretty pretty dresses. But one of my very favorite weddings was a pretty low budget, DIY wedding in Buffalo NY. The couple was friends with my fiancé, and I did not know them very well. We had all hung out on an occasion or two, during which I found out that they met working at a bookstore. The favor at their wedding was this bookmark which I now realize they had probably made themselves. I have to say that this is my favorite favor of all the little gifts I have ever gotten. It was personal and useful, and over a year and a half later, I'm still using it!
What has been your favorite favor?
DIY Wedding
Dahlia Pin How-to
I found this awesome tutorial on for how to make a felt Dahlia. I think you could use these for just about anything, but the tutorial is for a pin/corsage. Someone also used it to make a headband. How cute! It looks pretty easy too. Here is where I got the main pic from.
Flat wrappers
Flat wrappers
wrapped and stacked
Flat wrapperswrapped and stacked
DIY Wedding
Cupcake wrappers
I finally finished them! I've been working on them for like 2 weeks. Well, I've been busy with the end of the semester. Only 12 more papers to grade! I got this idea from SarahDarling. Her tutorial was fantastic. For some I used pinking shears to give the edge some character. But what took me the longest was punching the tops for the rest of the wraps. Those dainty doily-looking tops take a lot of time and effort because the punches are designed for straight lines. Anyways, here are 6 of my 150 wrappers!

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The Riviera
The Riviera
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We live in Indiana (Boiler Up) but the wedding will be on Long Island (NY). I'm hoping for something classic yet contemporary.
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