Purple Treecyle.com review cream vs gray papers

Treecyle.com review
cream vs "gray" papers

A week ago, I posted about the paper I had received from Treecycle.com for my invitations. The paper I ordered was 70% recycled content with 30% post-consumer waste (PCW). It was described as "gray with silver flecks". In the picture I've posted here, the paper I received is in the middle. On the left is white printer paper, on the right is a sheet of grey card stock. As you may notice, the paper I bought is cream coloured. After receiving a second box of the exact same stuff after complaining that I got the wrong colour, the customer service guy (there's only one guy, I think it's a very small company) told me that he suspects that it's the description online that's wrong. He offered to exchange is for something grey, but that would take more time, and the stuff I have received is quite nice, even if it's not exactly what I wanted. So treecycle gets an A for effort, but an F for their website and product descriptions. I guess that averages to a C. If you want some very reasonably priced recycled paper, I would call them and ask for a description instead of assuming the one online is correct. The customer service guy is very nice and helpful.
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I agree, the cream is nice! I wouldn't worry about it, a neutral is a neutral.  Since I wanted to save money on invitations as well as the environment, i got some similar envelopes (natural white with silver flecks) now since I wanted to tie it into the design a little better, i made myself envelope seal stickers that went with our theme. www.zazzle.com is a great place to make them, nice thick stickers with good colors, easy to do!
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