Feb 27, 2009

I was wondering when people usually register for gifts. We got our first (and probably only) engagement gift yesterday and that made me think, should we be registered anywhere already? The gift is a very pretty photo album with a frame in the front, but had I chosen, I would have picked just a frame over an album because, well, all our pictures are digital. When do people usually register? Our wedding isn't for a year and a half, is this even something I should consider?
I have been thinking of a few things I'd like, though, like a new mattress and one of those fancy stand mixers. A nice glass salad bowl would be nice too. :-)
BTW, the gift was from FMIL. I may like her more than my own mom... oh dear. She did raise a friggin fantastic son. :-D
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scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
I would suggest a couple of months prior to your bridal shower.
jeffersonsbride09's Pink wedding
Loveland, CO, USA
I had read in a few of my planners to do it anywhere
from 4-6 months before the wedding, but we just did
it last weekend and our wedding is 10 weeks away!
Both of my showers are at the end of march, so we
did it about a month before the showers.
I had the same thoughts as you, we also got an engagement
present from my aunt and uncle so I thought the same thing,
but I kept putting it off and no other engagement presents
came in, so it was ok that we waited :)
bugchick0's Purple wedding
Chesapeake, VA, USA
Scheri is right, it is recommended that you be registered before your bridal shower, but I don't know that you need to do it months before hand.  If you are not having a bridal shower, you at least need to be registered before you send your save-the-dates out, and if you're not doing those, then before your inviations.  People will start looking for what to get you for the wedding usually when the inviations go out, so they know how much of a commitment money-wise they will be making.

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