i LOVE swimming!
i LOVE swimming!

i need to get...

my lazy ass to the pool and start working out!!!

eversince the thanksgiving holiday, i've been pigging out and for the life of me, i CANNOT make myself workout IF i know it involves weights and treadmill!

the ONLY thing that really makes my heart skip AND get me to "exercise" is SWIMMING! (i really don't consider it an exercise even when i spend a good 45 mins of laps) haha... i soooo love the water.
futuremrsalec's Blue wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  12/10/2009  | 
I think 45 min of laps counts as exercise!! Good for you!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Maple, ON, Canada  |  12/10/2009  | 
Swimming is great and oh so good for you. I'm a lazy krazy too, I gotta kick my own butt!
vicenta's Green wedding
 |  Lufkin, TX, USA  |  12/10/2009  | 
I'm with you on the piggy out thing! Why does all my family show love with food!?
Swimming is an excellent work out! I can't wait til the spring!
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