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Purple and Turquoise wedding colors.

Hi, I'm new to this site as you can tell. My wedding is purple and themed. My hubby and I are New Yorkers that reside in VA. We're renewing our vows in June in a small, intimate wedding. I hope to have an outdoor wedding and reception. It will be a family dinner and dancing under a tent and candlelight. I can't wait!!!
chinarella's Purple wedding
 |  Quincy, MA, USA  |  02/20/2010  | 
totally feeling the turqoise w/the purple..brings a nice pop into it! Nice touch
mrsfountain2011's Blue wedding
 |  Mission, KS, USA  |  03/19/2010  | 
This color scheme is too cute = )
udgula26's  wedding
 |  Adelaide, 05, Australia  |  03/20/2011  | 
is looking for this bridesmaid dress????? Can anyone advise were it comes from?????????
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