Jun 2, 2010

My family is highly opinionated. My mother is always suggesting we do this or that. Go here for catering or go there. Buy these flowers or others. Go with real, then fake. Get my dress altered closer to the wedding "in case you get fat" (exact words i swear)!!! And when ever i try to point out to her that these things wont work for us, she has a total cow and refuses to talk to me for a few days! Its very annoying and his mother is always telling me to spend extra on this and little on that. its not like we have a pile of cash to spend on making them happy when its not even their wedding. Then she throws out there that we should just cancle the whole darn thing and get eloped!! how do i get them all off my back without hurting their feelings?
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fabulousbride2011's Blue wedding
Washington, DC, USA
I can understand how family can be so opininated, but just listen to them but at the end of the day its your decision of how you want everything for ya'll wedding, just because they voice their opinion doesn't mean that you have to go with what they say. I do agree with waiting to alter your dress closer to the wedding date because maybe your dress will have to be taken in more or something, don't let your family opinion interfere with the choses that you want to do for ya'll wedding. Cause at the end of the day and whats make you and your finance happy.
bride2beaug2010's Pink wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Thats very tough!  i agree with fabulousbride, you can take their opinions in stride but in the end do what you want to do.
summerbride2010's Black wedding
Greensboro, NC, USA
Wow!  first question...is are they paying for any of the wedding??  If not, pay them NO MIND!! cause at the end of the day, it's your wedding and your money, and you should have what YOU want. Not anybody else.  If you take their thoughts in consideration you will wind up with everything EXCEPT for what you want...and then you will regret your whole wedding day.   DON"T DO IT! stick to your guns and do what you want....it's your day hun!
mrsward's Blue wedding
Glens falls, NY, USA
you can't tell them to back off without hurting their feelings. But you tell them anyway. Politely. with class. and let them pout on their own.

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