dead kitty
dead kitty
The Kitty in question.
dead kittyRed Wedding Dress Death of a CatThe Kitty in question.

Wedding Dress
Death of a Cat

So a few mins ago, im trying on my veil to see how it will look with the tiara i got, i sit down and i feel this tugging on my head. I try to pull my veil up but it wouldnt do what i wanted so i turned around and guess what i see. my FH's cat with its claws in my veil. I figured i would be able to get it loose and no big deal...i was wrong. I pulled the cat toward me when it decided to run away. and RIP!!! there goes a massive ripping of the lining from the bottom!!

The cat almost died today...but i put the veil up and ive decided to asses the situation later with the FH to see what should be done.
pitbullmom's Black wedding
 |  Galveston, TX, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
OMG... I would have killed it, or better yet accidently let it outside, lol
mibride080610's Purple wedding
 |  Grand rapids, MI, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
Yeah that would be one hurt kitty!
dreamingofpurple's Purple wedding
 |  Weed, CA, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
I'am laughing so hard about your picture w/ the caption underneath. I know first hand how cats are. I love mine so much but, boy can they get into trouble! When my kids are at school I'am still parenting to my feline children. Glad to hear you didn't hurt the little kitty. Even though I would of atleast "spanked my cat if he had done that" BAD KITTY. Just remember they can bring so much love also. Hope you and your FH find a solution. One of my beloved kitty's broke our Cake Plate and still can't find another one.
lynnie11276's Blue wedding
 |  Pittsburgh, PA, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
That would have been one dead kitty!!!! No doubt about that!!!
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
Oh no!

This kind of reminds me of Pam and Jim's wedding on The Office, when she ripped her veil, so he cut his tie.

At least this happened today, and not the day of the wedding. Now you have time to figure out what you want to do...
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  06/14/2010  | 
Your picture is mildly hilarious.. oh man, pets and kids can sure do some damage! I really hope you find a solution, and I am hoping for non-violent lolol.
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