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Kids Table... Help 0_o

I need Ideas on what to d for the kids table... Please help and thanks in advance...
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  07/08/2011  | 
Google or search up kids table on this site, you will find TONS of ideas. I like the idea of doing a craft table for the kids, having the table covered with craft paper, providing crayons and letting the kids draw and color as they please, I also think the mini gumball machines are cute as little favors. I'm doing Sand Buckets (I only have 2 kids though, so they won't have a table but be seated with adults) I put bubbles, a sand art activity kit, a bounce ball, a camera and a wedding day coloring book with crayons in my buckets. Good luck finding ideas! =)
rainbobride2011's Purple wedding
 |  Sarasota, FL, USA  |  07/08/2011  | 
Thanks i will goggle it... I mostly see candy ALL over the table... Im not trying to give them a Sugar high Lol... I love ur ideas as well..
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  07/09/2011  | 
Im doing fruit center pieces for mine and instead of linens white drawing paper you know those big wide rolls & taping it under so they can scribble play tic.tac toe etc. I have favor boxes for them that will include bubbles, crayons,stickers just lil toys for the younger kids & for the older kids stuff like comic books, wordsearch pads, playing cards or dominos some pens & glow sticks for all of them. We are having lots of kids mainly all family & close friends children and we want them all to be there so I have put alot of thought into kids tables lol! hope this helps a bit  

p.s  just like you i didnt want all the kids on a sugar high lol!

Happy Planning :)
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