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DIY Monogram Cake Topper... Heaven Help Me

I want to start off by saying, that after all of the DIY projects I have done so far... and many aren't even posted yet... THIS one was by far the MOST tedious (sp). I seriously think we should start a support group for brides who take on the "crystalization" of monogram topper projects.

With that said... it's done. Not many crystals were added, as you can see. Appearantely adding crystals is not so much my fortay.

Oh... but don't think that will stop me from "crystalizing" the rest of my scheduled DIY projects.
dd977chic's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  05/31/2008  | 
looks good!.. I know it was a pain to add the ones to my little Fleur de Lis charm!
freckles26's  wedding
 |   |  09/03/2008  | 
Hey there, Just wondering where you got your letter?  I too am looking for a letter and can't find any :( I want to do it myself and put blue crystals on mine.

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