I have amazing BMS!

they really pulled together today! how awesome!!!!

events today:

morning went to talk to the priest - everything will be "taken care off" see post below. so yess ceremony is still in full swing

picked up my dress!

picked up the money box!

bms completed seating cards

emails hall the complete # of guests 246 adults and 19 kids (mind you we put ADULT RECEPTION ONLY...where these 19 kids came from UGHH don't get me started)

SHOWED UP 30mins LATE to rehersal - priest almost bit my head off! yelled at me in front of everyone ( i was stuck in traffic for an hr - stupid hwy!)

gave some BMS their gifts

put mini candles in tea light holders...

and now.... SLEEEP
ohh its soo close!!!


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so it's what 2 days before my wedding? and you tell me now!!!!

So I'm \Catholic and FH is well a atheist i guess...His family is christian but he's not baptised.

well in order for a catholic to marry someone of another religion (in a typical catholic ceremony) a special "permission" is requested.

well guess what!!!! .... our priest let me know TODAY he FORGOT to send an official permission request to the diocese? NOW WHAT?

As if this wedding hasn't been dramatic...NOW THIS??

How does one forgot to do something so important.

FH and I have an appointment to go speak with priest tmw to see what the hell is gonna happen... everythings ready .. will he "unofficially" marry us?? huh!!

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Desert Landscape
Okay so I just paid $135 for a park permit for my wedding photos!

It costs as much as my marriage lincence. WHY????
People just don't know how to make money ...

Anyway so I booked my park - so last minute but it's done!
We will at Guildwood Inn Park

Rehersal tmw! YAY!!

How are all the September 12, 2009 brides doing!

Ladies it's almost our time! =)

*pictures on google do not do it justice, it;'s actually very pretty*
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Blue Ask a Question How much did you pay for your Park Permit???
Blue Ask a Question How much did you pay for your Park Permit???
omgish only 5 days left!!!!!!

we've sorta picked our music!!!

wedding party enterance - I gotta feeling by Black eyed peas
Bride and groom enterance - Beautiful day by U2
First dance - todo cambio by Camila
bridal party dance - I'll be edwin mccain
Father daughter dance - butterfly kisses by bob carlisle
Son mother dance - te amo, mama by marco antonio solis
bouquet toss - Single ladies
garder toss - ???

i was going to do ceremony programs but i just dont have time!!!

wedding is soo close!
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So this is the last weekend i have to finish stuff! oh ya and be a single lady!

Good bye single life.

I still need to get my BM their gifts and My Parents..


all 5 ladies are so different.. i'm not a good shopper.

What have you gotten your BMs and Parents????
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Okay, so this is just an ongoing mess!

SIL yesterday told FH that she was thinking of getting her daugther (the flower girl) a different dress IN A DIFFERENT COLOR PURPLE to be exact? PURPLE??? nothing in the wedding is purple! *HEAD HURTS*


First of all, shouldn't that be a question for ME? you know the bride?

How dare she!

lets recap shall we ...

Jan - asked her to go flower girl dress shopping - she said no, that it was too early and instead went to purschase toasting flutes - which BTW she has not shown me she only called FH to tell him she had them ready for HIS wedding.

June - asked AGAIN to go flower girl dress shopping - she said ok, we went and I PICKED the dress I LOVEED. she didn't seem happy about my choice (complained about it) but she still purchased it.

AUG 09 - went to pick up the dress, when she was home called FH and told him the dress was "ugly" that it wasn't the right one! and that her daughter could not wear it.
*important note* she has yet to inform me that she has the dress, let alone tell me there is a flaw with it.

I told my FH that he could deal with it.

But now i'm worried that the flower girl will show up with a different dress ... and of course the day of the wedding i can't do anything about it right?

geeze why can't wedding planning be easy
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Blue Ask a Question How do I handle this!? Is MY FLOWER GIRL DRESS UGLY?
Blue Ask a Question How do I handle this!? Is MY FLOWER GIRL DRESS UGLY?
Blue Ask a Question How do I handle this!? Is MY FLOWER GIRL DRESS UGLY?
I'm not feeling well! and I'm so busy

I still have to make seating arrangments.. what's the best way to do this? because of "family issues" I have to watch who and where i put ppl. I would just let them sit wherever they want, but thats just messy!

I still gotta work on the mini video for the reception, find a song to dance too, make the menus and the programs, decorate our new "home" (renovations aren't even done) and book a park.. sheesh..

I'll be glad when it's all over and done with and get to enjoy peace and quiet again..

There's never enough time *criess*
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HELP ... I need help picking one!


***UPDATE 090309** PICKED ONE!
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So, we decided on Niagara falls because it will be less expensive (since we live 1hr away).

we will be going to St. Lucia in November so I'd rather save the money and spend it there!

So we will spend our wedding night at the Hilton Garden Inn then Sunday Afternoon head to NIagara falls and stay at the Hilton and return to the "real world" September 16th. Lovely huh.
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OK so FH and I need to delay our honeymoon =(
We will go to away in November, but would like to still go somewhere after the wedding atleast for a few days.

We're having trouble deciding.. HELP

any sugguestions?? which is more romantic?

We just booked our hotel stay for the night of the reception.

Sept 13 we'll travel to the next destination for a continuation of the romance ouu la la
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montreal city