woo hoo ... we got our marriage licence yesterday! It was $130, are you friggin kidding me.. why the hell is it so pricey! Gotta love Toronto!

I swear ppl hear wedding and automatically increase prices! It's just ridiculous!

like at my church i have to give a $300 "donation" to the church to have my ceremony there and if i want to use the church Choir i need to fork up another $150 and it's not like they're a "professional" signing group either..its just random ppl from the community that play and sing DAMN... but my mom wants them so ugh what to do!!

Everything else is ready!

I just need to actually do the Itinerary for the day of and print the ceremony menus..

I was going to do ceremony programs - but I think they're a waste of my time??? does anyone else think so?

right now I'm working on our reception slide show...

I still need to find my jewelry and go with my cousin to pick up the flower girl dress.

I'm started to get really excited and a little stressed!! but thats normal
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YAY! I'm going in for my 2nd ( and i believe last) dress fitting tomorrow!
I was suppose to lose a few more inches off my hips, but of course i didnt!

Hopefully the dress alterations are done and ready ...

Any tips???
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fix it!

Any September brides extermely stressed out???


with work, family, home renovations and wedding planning i feel like I'm about to explode!!

I have nightmares, food makes me sick. I'm just stressed out and cannot deal.

and I feel like I'm forgetting something!

I hope my wedding day goes well.. I need to remember to stay calm and enjoy!


Gown/head piece/veil/shoes
wedding favors
bridesmaid dress
flower girl dress
toasting flutes
seating cards
aisle runner
engagement pictures
booked video/phographer
wedding bands
hair and makeup booked

groomsmen Tux
Grooms tux
bridal party gifts
guest book
marriage licence

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It started early morning with going to church and measuring my Aisle runner (which turned out so amazing) then had my food tasting! I gotta say it was better than I expected. FH and I loved the food and boy was it a lot of food I didn't eat for the rest of the day =)

After that FH and I went to Tiffany & Co and picked out our wedding bands.

Mine matches my round brilliant with bead-set band engagement ring
and his is Lucida 4.5mm band =)

I wanted him to get the band with the diamonds but because of his work it would probably get damaged very quickly.

i love my rings!

it's getting real close now!!
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J ring
M ring
* I told to her this afternoon and basically told her that i was willing to pay for additional help (should she require it) and seems like things were sorted out - lets see how that goes oyyy*

i'm so upset right now!

So we've had (or so we thought) a good decorator and florist booked since June.

She's a lady at our church. We went to see her work at her sons wedding and totally fell in love with it.

Everything looked amazing and she said she would obviously dedicate more time and focus more on details (since she will have time)
we agreed that she would:
Decorate the church with 4 large floral arragements for the alter and 12 standing candelabras walong the aisle.
She would also make 25 tall center pieces for hall and provide all the bouquets and corsage and boutonniere. she even said that to add to the decor at the reception SHE would transport the candelabreas to hall.
Then she threw in the backdrop.
So we were like oh wow wicked! and gave her a $1000 deposit (idiots)

So this weekend I took this individual to the hall to get a feel for it. (I drove her)

While there she started coming up with excuses. she said it was so far (it's not! its a 25 - 30 min drive from the church) that if I wanted her to transport some of the church decor to the hall i would have to give her an extra $50 for gas, if not I need to find someone else to take it.
Then yesterday she calls me and said that she didn't think she had enought time to decorate hall and church. lets do a break down shall we.

hall said she can be there by 10 to do back drop.
my ceremony is at 2pm (she cannot decorate church before 1 because there is another ceremony/events going on)
we are not scheduled to be at the hall until 6pm
SO she can start hall from 10 - 12 (2 hrs
Church from 1-2(1 hr)
finish hall from 4-6(another 2 hrs)
is that not enough time????

so now i'm contemplating asking for my deposit back and looking for someone else!

what do you thinks??

now this where you ladies come in! WHO DID YOUR FLORAL ARRAGEMENTS AND HALL DECOR?? or where have you booked to have them done! recommondation PLEASE!!
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About a year a go I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem ... hypothyroidism to be exact. I got checked for it because I rapidly gained wait (almost 30lbs in 6 months)
Well now that extra weight I gained is so hard to lose!! I swear I don't eat more than I should and I stay away from junk food and try to work out as much as possible! BUT losing weight is so difficult! I lose a pound a month and gain weight by just looking at food. It's just so depressing!

My FH said the extra weight isn't an issue to him (he met me at 125 I'm way higher than that now) but it's an issue to me. I'm not comfortable in my own skin anymore =(

Are there any brides out there that suffer from this? Can you offer any tips? I'm on medication for life and it's helped me out a lot, but I'm still battling the weight issue!

I'm also scared because I could be infertile. But I'm just to scared to get tested!

WHY ME =( ... oh that sounds selfish cuz i'm sure theres worst things but still ...
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so tired
So the place thats making my brideal shower invitation just scanned me a copy of one of the invitations.

Its not cmpleted yet, they still need to add the ribbon and the overlay on to it... but this is basically what its gonna say!

It looks kinda messy because I went it to "white out" some of the personal details of it!

I'll be sure to post the finish product...

so far what do you think??
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So I finally got my engagement pictures taken! (because of the weather we cancelled like 3 times)

We went to bluffers park! I think they turned out nice! WELL I HOPE THEY DID!
I wasn't too happy with what I wore! And I wish I would've worn my hair up! Ughhh
But too late now!

Anyway, our photographer is awesome! I strongly recommend rivera multimedia. Very nice working professionals!!!

These pictures will remind me how fat I am - wish I could lose weight ASAP!!!

Can't wait to see my engagement pictures!!
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Blue Engagement Pictures! Finally took them yesterday!
Okay, so I myself am not making it. I'm not gifted in the arts and crafts department =( but my wonderful friends are! Brad basically created the design and Marta will paint it onto the runnner! i will basically sit there an watch and be the assistance or what not! LOL

Right now what she's done is print it out as a banner, she hasn't yet painted it onto the fabric. she will 1st trace it then paint. so what you see if a print out of what we expect it to look like!

I'm so excited I can't wait to see the finished product!

Doesn't it look beautiful!?

This will also be on the menus and programs and I'm looking for those special lights to flash this on the dance floor. Gobo Lights)ohhhhh the excitment is kicking in!

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So we sent out our invitationsearly june and put to rsvp before JULY 31 (WHICH IS TODAY)

and not even half have RSVPed??? what am i suppose to do!?
we estimated 260 guests and only 80 have confirmed that means that my fiance and I have to reach out to 180 people?

isn't that utterly rude!!

my finance and I hand delivered them too! and spent a fair amount of time with each person (couple) invited - cuz we wanted to add the "special touch" ! The least you can do is respond right? its got a stamp on it all you have to is fill it out and walk your lazy ass to a mail box and put it in there!!! REALLY THAT HARD?? REALLY?????

n now! I'm gonna have to call them.. as if i don't have other things to do!!!...grrrrr

i'm so upset.. anyone else go through this??
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