Aug 13, 2010

I’m back!!!

I have been MIA for a few months due to pure craziness. I had some bridesmaid drama and work load in between. Honestly I have planned this event all by myself well working fulltime and its been crazy. I want my life back hahaha.

Now its 24 days left and I’m at a pretty good point. I just need to finalize and pay people off but other than that…I’m done! We got out marriage license and it looked like a car registration, not too impressed. I’m hoping the certificate is much better. I would think living in taxachusetts, that it would be a lot prettier so to speak.

Here’s my to-do list!

1. Create a wedding day timeline. (all set, just need to send to the cake vendor, limo company and bring to my florist appt Saturday)
2. Meet with your officiant to finalize all the ceremony timing, readings, and details.(We have to call her to confirm but its all set)
3. Give your caterer a final head count, seating chart, confirm the menu, and finalize any special setup instructions.(one more guest holding me up. Once its done the seating chart will be done, I can print out place cards and my bm will write out the escort cards)
4. Meet with your cake baker to confirm the cake design, size, flavors, and delivery time and location of your cake. (August 20 paying and reconfirming)
5. Confirm wedding day directions, schedules, and payment with all your vendors (photographer, florist, cake, transportation, dj, makeup and hair, Hotel.)(Mailing out checks to DJ and photographer, paying venue on the 26th, Pay hair and makeup the day of, pay limo day of, pay hotel when checking in and paying florist tomorrow)
6. Attend your pre-wedding beauty appointments: need to do my Eyebrows, nails massage, and underarms. Bf is blow-drying my hair the night
7. Send a copy of your wedding schedule and other day-of information to your entire wedding party. (Mine is done but Tyereak needs to create one for his guys. Not sure if my dad is going in the limo or not)
8. Olivia needs hair thing(my niece needs something coral for her hair, its tough trying to find something)
9. Bring all the reception and ceremony items to the appropriate venue of person: guest book, place cards, menus, cake knife, toasting glasses, seating cards, programs, etc.(have in the corner but need to mark the boxes and how many of I have of everything)
10. Give the tips envelopes to your coordinator(have the envelopes ready)
11. Reconfirm the schedule, location, and headcount with all your vendors if anything has changed. (will be doing that tomorrow)
12. Confirm honeymoon reservations: including flights, hotel accommodations, and any rental cars.(confirmed just waiting for out tickets)
13. Confirm tuxedo arrangements. (One more person left)
14. Begin packing for honeymoon. (well do this the week of)
15. Pick up your dress and break in your shoes.(picking it up Monday have to get my veil pressed out)
16. Confirm rehearsal arrangements with bridal party. (4 more people to confirm food choice)
17. Schedule time to drop off favors, place cards, seating chart etc. (Already took days off to prepare, will drop it off day of rehearsal)
18. Make a check–list of final things to remember.( done)
19. Complete packing for honeymoon, prepare to check into your hotel. (girls and myself are checking in on Sunday at 3)
20. Attend the rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner.(obviously)
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Orange Wedding Updates with 24 days to go!
misstoni26's Blue wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Very organized girl (air high five!) 24 days OMG, that's right around the corner girl.....well more like whoop there it is LMAO!!!
All jokes aside, you seem very organized, very put together and everything will run smoothly!

All the best hun!
raqueld27's Orange wedding
Mattapan, MA, USA
Thank you! Normally, i am too organized and it stresses me out but to plan a wedding, its a must! I want it all to be done a week before so i dont stress. Having two different cultuered families are tough!

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