Mar 14, 2008

I am having a Matron of Honour.. my sister. and a Maid of Honour my 13 year old Daughter! I am having 2 bridesmaids.. my two best friends. They are both pregnant right now!!!! so both will be with new babies at the wedding.. Because they are both pregnant.. picking out dresses is going to be tough! One isn't even giving birth until 6 weeks before. I hope we can find a dress and order it in that short amount of time... do they make nursing/bridesmaid dresses lol!!
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bekah301's Black wedding
Pompano beach, FL, USA
haha, that does complicate things some. One of bridesmaids is pregnant but she is due 8 months before the wedding. I'm glad I'm having a long engagement!

We talked about having some Beatles realated decor but I dout we will. If we are able to have the dog in the wedding, we might put an crazy 60's wig in him. We're having some hesitation on the band though, apparently my dad hates the Beatles, we'll see

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Purple Bridesmaids Bracelets I found on for $1.42 each!!!!
These are just one of the 7 items I have purchased for my bridesmaids. I bought 7 of these for $9.