finished product
finished product
All the favors before they get wrapped
A look inside
finished productAll the favors before they get wrappedA look inside

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What is everyone doing for your wedding favors? I have made some chocolate hearts and we bought the hugs and kisses. I put 2 hearts in each box representing the 2 of us, and a hug and a kiss, which we are "giving" to our guest. At the bottom of each box I scrunched up a square of white and a square of red tissue paper, then put the chocolates on top of it. I then wrapped the plain white square box with a sheet (precut to the right size) of white and a sheet of red tissue paper. Secured the paper with a ivory ribbon, along with 2 tags. first one says "thank you" and the second one says "Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.".
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Our colors-Fushia/Hot Pink/Ivory
~Our Renewals~ I know it's less than a year away now....Wow, 276 days left and it moving fas...
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