Jun 20, 2011

You know there are some girls who have been planning their wedding ever since they were four or five, fantasizing over every tiny detail from the princess ballgown to the horse drawn carriage... well, I admit, I was one of those girls. When my mum was planning her wedding I used to go through all the magazines she brought home and snipped out all the things I thought were pretty enough to be included in my wedding. Then, when I reached my teens I became obsessed with tv programs like Don't Tell The Bride and Four Weddings.

So you can imagine my excitement when my gorgeous boyfriend of 3 years popped the question to me last Thursday. It wasn't what you see in movies (e.g. being swept up the Eiffel Tower and him going down on one knee in front of hundreds of gaping passers by). I was glad too, because I think I would have been ever so slightly embarrassed if it had taken place in public. On the contrary, we were at home. We had just laid down our daughter Maci to bed and were watching her sleep soundly. Often we will do this... just stand looking into her cot at her sleeping, holding hands as we marvel at the beautiful person we have created. Matt squeezed my hand and as I looked at him he drew the ring out of his pocket. I had to remind myself that Maci was asleep, otherwise I probably would have screamed.

It truly is a beautiful ring. It's silver with one large diamond in the middle and a few smaller ones around it. Then, when the wedding day comes, it slots into another more elaborate ring and becomes the wedding ring. It is to symbolise two people becoming one.

I have already scanned through countless venues on the internet and have a rough idea of what I... ahem... we want. I feel sorry for Matt though, because I can pretty much guarantee that I will be a bridezilla through this planning process.
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