May 23, 2010

Well one thing is for sure we are going to Florida
My brother is stationed in Jacksonville with his wife and we thought we would maybe hit there for a minute then head to Tampa for the Red Sox vs. Rays game (we got the tix on Friday!) then head back to Orlando maybe hit Universal Studios yadda yadda..then head down towards Miami to see my Grandma and Uncles..and enjoy some time with them.. She hasn't been the same since my Grandpa passed little over a year ago...

I know this doesn't seem like your typical getaway but we wanted to get away from Indiana and explore..just spending time with each other
We are driving down so that will be interesting LOL
We are stopping in Savannah, GA. before we get into Jacksonville, Fla. I've always wanted to go there for so many reasons :)
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prncss173's Black wedding
Reno, NV, USA
GO RED SOX!!!  That fact alone makes your honeymoon awesome!
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Centreville, VA, USA
sounds like fun!  we did a cross country roadtrip for our honeymoon and LOVED every minute of it.  You'll have'll be close to the Keys when in Miami, you can always drive down for a night or two as well.  Enjoy it!  Oh and if you stop in Savannah, you'll have to stop by Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons...mmmmm yummy!

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