Red Inspiration Board 1940s theme?
Red Inspiration Board 1940s theme?Red Inspiration Board 1940s theme?Red Inspiration Board 1940s theme?Tin.Tan

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1940s theme?

It's been hard to describe what kind of theme we are going to have. Every time someone asks, I just 1940s because I am tired of trying to explain my vision. Or is it just that my vision is too complicated? What I envision is a 1940s themed wedding but with emphasis on the Zoot Suit culture that was prevalent in the Mexican American community of Los Angeles. This would mean Zoot Suits, classic cars, calo, pachucos, and swing dresses. Hey I guess it is just a 1940s themed wedding lol.
bananapants's Green wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  01/30/2009  | 
Sweet!  I love it when couples make their wedding their own, and I'm sure your's will be one that your guests will always remember.
retrobride's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/30/2009  | 
Well obviously i love it! Let me know if you need any help with anything :)
reinadelroknroll's Red wedding
 |  Los angeles, CA, USA  |  01/30/2009  | 
marinelim's White wedding
 |  La habra, CA, USA  |  01/30/2009  | 
I'm so exited to see another L.A. bride!  I love your theme!
mjscott09's Red wedding
 |  Dallas, TX, USA  |  03/26/2009  | 
That' spart of my theme as well but with a Harlem Nights movie twist. I love that decade!
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