Well, I'm coming up on my first anniversary! Pretty stoked!!!!

Anyways, I found this pretty rad DIY tea-favor-type of project and of course I immediately thought of this site. It is super affordable, really cute because it's from the heart, AND this site gives you everything you need (including links of sites where you cna find the items needed to complete the project).

One word: AWESOME

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DIY Tea Party!
My ring on one of Mike's carbutetors
Me primping
Here are the flowers that I am coming up with right now.
I am working on some ideas......

Anyone have any good ideas for flowers that I should try? Or something else in particular? Have fun wedding planning gals!!
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Rose (5 Inch) I will offer different sizes (see spread, next photo)
Spread (with ginormous rose at bottom)
Rose Shoe Clip
Guh, Another palm-slapping-my-forehead moment.

One of my (for lack of a better word here) 'issues' while wedding planning was keeping everything in line with a theme. I thought everything would look better if I at least kept common ground with a color scheme because everything else was kind of 'us' which is a little bit all over the place - but in a very good way!

SO, when I just found this DIY, I figured: easy and could solve alot of gals' problems. Hope this helps someone!


Czech out this page with a free downloadable template for wrappers:

P.S. Utterlyengaged.com is super duper!
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Love the idea is having scallops on the top... (this is a template - or that is what I would use it for)
I just think everything is better in yellow <3
Monograms? Yes!

Here is the tutorial for the bracelet that I wore on my wedding day. My mom made it :) Yay Mom! I have learned that one of the terms for this type of pleat is a 'kiss pleat' I'm assuming because the edges of the pleats are arranged to fall next to one-another, thus 'kissing'.

I used a pretty 7/8" ribbon that I bought at Michael's. Depending on how your wrist measures and how much or how little pleating you would like to end up with around your wrist. I found that I needed roughly 35-40 inches of ribbon. I liked the look of having the pleats surrounding the entirety of my wrist which ended up being about 4 full pleats on the pink bracelet that I made for this tutorial. The bracelet that I wore on the wedding day had slightly smaller pleats and we went with five full pleats.

Tools and Model

Steps 1-3 of DIY Ribbon Bracelet

Steps 4-6

Modeling final products

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The tools you will be needing (minus the sewing machine and thread)
Steps 1-3
Steps 4-6
Where do you want to place your decorative ribbon?
Modeling final products
Hey! I am back..... for a minute. I said that I would post a tutorial on how to make the DIY bracelet that I wore on my big day, well here it is!

I am working on formatting and editing (for my own fun purposes :) kind of a learning experience for me) the pictures so here's a few!

I think I am going to be putting them up on an etsy store soon as well..... I'll post the site with the tutorial - for those ladies who don't like to DIY or aren't finding the time.

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Equipment needed
The bracelet that I made during the DIY, steps coming up ladies!
Oh hello pretty little pink bracelet!

Have you guys heard of this site? NonPareil has brand new magazine that is pretty rad. Here's the web portion of the 'zine. Guh... if I were just now beginning the process, this would be my new BFF. Great ideas, TONS of free downloads (including some pretty neat ideas on non-traditional and whimsical (right up my alley...) invitations) FOR F-R-E-E. Yup, that's the right price for me.

There's also tutorials for cute things like hair flowers. Can we say: Awesome!!!??

Gosh, where was this magazine-site combo when I was planning? Seriously, girls this site has so much potential (It is still brand spankin' new) Take, take, take.... I would.

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Cute idea for gifts or what-have-you.
Adorable FREE invitation suite - this would be fun for a new baby... I'm just sayin'...
FREE invitation suite
Cool/easy tutorial for hair flower
I am working on getting my house set up (I moved into his house) and that involves getting all the boxes and extraneous junk out of my future sewing room. Once I've gotten that all set up, there will definately be a tutorial on how to create the bracelet that I wore.

:) I have also found some other fun things that I would have made if I had given myself more time....

I'll post those in the following posts.

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Yellow DIY Wedding Ribbon Bracelet
Team Johnson DIY Bracelet
I made a bunch of fabric flowers to cover the tables at our reception. They truly were a labor of love. They were really easy to do, were therapeutic at just the right time in my wedding planning process, AND I was happy to see girls from the reception taking them home. I hope that they become broches, headbands, bracelets, hair clips, or something equally fun!!

The girls at 100 Layer Cake saw my tutorial on here a few posts back and thought it would be a hit with their readers so I updated some of the information and pictures with the hopes of making it much more user friendly and voila! Here we are and I hope to see tons of happy little flowers everywhere!

We'll see if it gets posted tomorrow or ends up getting pushed back :) I'll keep ya posted!

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Me :) Holding some of our favors
Yellow DIY Fabric Flowers Tutorial On 100 Layer Cake Blog
Yellow DIY Fabric Flowers Tutorial On 100 Layer Cake Blog
Part of the tutorial: The beginning
Tutorial: adding petals
Flower missing final touch: center.
Fabric Flowers (end product)
Final Flower
Our Photographer got us a slideshow... so that we can check things out!



Also, we had a day after shoot.. here are a few fun shots from the day that she posted on her blog.


Fun times! Can't wait to order some pictures and then have them up in our house. Such a fun day :)
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Us girls
The entire wedding party
Pure Bliss....
All The Dudes
Little Guy!
The Wheels!
My great grandparents' vintage glass goblets with gold inlay - sooooo special to us to be able to use :)
His forearm & My back
Signing our License
RAD! I don't know what to say other than I am super stoked that people like our vision and I hope that everyone loves their wedding as much as I loved ours.


If you live in the Southern California area, love this gal's style, or want to fly her out to you (like what we did) here's her website. Really she is fantastic and wonderful photography was the one thing that I had my heart set on.

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Us :-) For real.