Sep 16, 2009

So I checked out 2 local parks. Coronado and Encanto parks.

Encanto was neat looking, but I really need to get out there on a Saturday or Sunday because there are always Quinceneara (sp?) and birthdays with pinatas and beer and whatnot. I think that as the temps cool, the homeless will start to congregate in our parks as well.

It really is sad because Encanto has a really pretty rose garden that the had historically rented out for things like weddings, but with the economy, Phoenix is saving money by closing down many parks. So that means no more rental of the rose garden, among other things. They also closed down the Coronado Pool this summer. Major Bummer.

I briefly stopped by Coronado Park, but it really is nothing to look at. I really do feel terribe by saying this about my neighborhood's park, but it is ... uh... not all that sightly right now. When the city would water regularly, the green grass made it pretty, but with the lack of greenery (e.g. trees, water features, and actual things to look at) it is now a functional park alone, which fits Coronado!!! :) It is more hands on and actually useful to its neighbors. People are always playing softball, t-ball, and basketball. :) It's nice to see it's used, just not for my wedding.

A friend recommended the Space Civic Park and taking the light rail around for transportation. WOW. What an idea!! I really like it. Not sure where we could ride the rail, but it could be a blast!

Inquiry Email sent to City of Phoenix in regards to Space Civic Park?

UPDATE: The Civic Space Park is not open for rentals right now. Boo. C'mon Phoenix, where are us cool, outdoorsy, retro-loving people supposed to get married? Somewhere not too spendy, but full of radtacular character. HELP? I would also rather give money to someone I know or someone deserving rather than some big resort. Just my style, my opinion.
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Yes, it's empty. It's because it's 12:30pm on a Wednesday. BUT nice big parking lot. That is convenient.
coronado park has much less trees, a baseball field, basketball court, and a tennis court take up the majority of this city block. Read Not all that pretty.
I guess you can rent this 'private island'
If you look really close, you can see one bum. One only because it is September and it's hot in Arizona. This is one thing I'm worried about. I do not really people I do not know just running around my family (children and older people being there).
It would be nice to use the light rail... once?
I really love the sky in the background!
Here is the big hubba-balloo at the Science Civic Park. This thing is really neat and huge. I think it looks kind of like a uterus.
The uterus in action. No really, this thing is huge and is amazing in real life.
Uhm wow. The grounds are super gorgeous!
Isn't this awesome?!? It meets many of my requirements. sure it's not vintage/retro BUT it is pretty and it is downtown and awesome. Oh Yeah. Inquiry email sent? Check.
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Boo.  You'll find it, eventually.  Sorry to hear this has been such a pain in the ass for you!

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