Dec 11, 2009

I am still lovingly and pain-stakingly ironing and sewing and ironing and sewing and ironing and sewing :) all of the napkins. :)

I have also had my first meeting with my florist, which I am a little bit concerned about. We spoke a little bit about what I wanted, the colors in the wedding, the color of my dress, and the location of the wedding. Then she had me pick out 3 yellow flowers that I liked and 3 creamy/ivory/off white flowers.... I had mentioned that I loved the monochromatic look but wanted to include a gold color.

I am hopeful that the final product will be nice... I just wish that I could see something in the meantime so that if I absolutely could not stand something, it could be removed now as opposed to never. Fingers crossed.... my girl kept on telling me that everything would look wonderful and that nothing looked out of place in what I had selected...

Someone, preferably a florist, should develop a program like CAD so that you could see 3-D versions of your bouquet.... c'mon ladies, let's invent this and quit our jobs!

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Love these little guys
Off white stock
Golden yellow Ranunculas
Off white roses
Golden yellow rose
Cream Gerbera Dasies with dark centers.
My flower gal did these flowers...
Yes, she did Danika Patrick's flowers...
More of Jodi's work
Her work is amazing, I can't wait to see what she comes up with!
's  wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Someone's been BUSY!  I thought I would combine all my comments in one, so bear with me.  

First, love your veil and the direction it's going.  Seriously envious of your mad sewing skills.  I agree it needs one more layer, but it's going to look AMAZING when it's all done!  You've got good "vision" to see how it will all come together.  :)  

Second, the garter.  I'm toying with that too.  My dress will flare out a little bit more at the hip, so I don't think I'll have an issue with it poking through my dress?  Will have to confirm that with the fitting.  Nate "won" the garter at one of the last weddings we were at, so I'm going to wear that (it will be my something blue), and we're skipping the garter/bouquet toss too.  I think you'll find something that will fit all your requirements - the ones you have pictured are gorgeous, and can you really go wrong with Etsy??  

Can't wait to see all your flowers!  I have no doubt it will flow and look beautiful!

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