Apr 21, 2009

One of my girlfriends is getting married in Las Vegas the weekend of May 23rd - I am really excited for her!! I cannot wait for many reasons. The first being that I am originally from small town Nevada and then relocated to Reno. Vegas is not exactly Reno, but it is still Nevada and will be fun to go back to visit. AND because Vegas has a rad neon sign graveyard!

HOW great of a place to get engagement pictures taken at?

I don't know if it is really an option for me as my fiance is a dude's dude and is not really into the whole photo thing. He thinks that he is humoring me in having someone other than one of his car-club friends taking pictures of our wedding day.

What do you gals think of this place for a photoshoot?
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Sign #1: Rad.
Sign #2: Dude, it's a shoe: Super Rad.
Another random pretty
And for good measure b/c I am entirely obsessed with fonts and paper-stuffs.
Just cuz I can. :) Mike and I in Austin, TX last year at 2008 Lonestar Roundup.
ngrasho's Red wedding
Carbondale, IL, USA
That sounds awesome, you should totally do it!
's  wedding
Anaheim, CA, USA
i'm a vegas girl....and yes!!! its an awesome place to take pics.  yay for Reno too, i lived there too!
bananapants's Green wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Do it, do it do it!  Wow!  Have to admit, I'm kind of jealous.  :)
pinkisthenewblack's Chocolate wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
ooooo..... I LOVE this idea. WHAT IF we go there and we take pictures of eachother, screw the guys. haha.
If you wanna go though, you know i am game. :)
's  wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Yes, SARA!! Let's SOOOO do this! Maybe we can swing it.... I'm so glad that I have you around :)

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