Here are my finished programs. I had Lindsey from Lindsey Ryan Design create these for me. They are printed on a honey tone parchment paper to look vintage. They look like a decree from Marie herself! They are front and back on legal sized parchment paper. We carried over the design from the other pieces. I decided to keep the graphics black to give it a more vintage feel. I rolled the programs on both sides and tied them with a tiffany blue ribbon. I think they turned out fantastic!
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Finished program
Here are my signature drink signs in their frames. I love how they turned out I will be placing on of these framed signs on each of the four tables between our bar area and dance floor. I will place other signs around the bar area as well. I love these frames!
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Signature Drink
I have had this crown in my posession for many, many years. It was first created 11 years ago by my best friend Tiffany and I for my other bestie Angie, her sister. Angie was the first of the three of us to get married. I remember decorating this crown fondly with the hopes that one day I would get my chance to wear it. Tiffany and I purchased the crown from the drive thru at Burger King. We then purchased the jewels, glitter and sequins from our local crafts store. We covered the Burger King symbol with a purple condom. We then stapled tulle and glued more sequins on to our veil. Angie wore it with pride as did Tiffany a few years later. It was finally my turn. It held up the best it could over these 8-9 years. I enjoyed pulling it out of it's original packaging (we had it wrapped at Hudsons 11 years ago. The ladies at the gift wrap section in the registry department thought we were nuts. And yes, we were at that time!) I found a card that was given to Angie from Tiffany and felt very nostalgic and couldn't believe it was finally MY time. Just wanted to share this lovely memory with you ladies.
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With only 9 days left I am getting myself organized as best I can. I am currently working on a wedding day timeline for myself and my vendors. I am starting with the time the limo (Pink Hummer-yeah!) picks us up to the time we leave the venue. I can finally work on this project after meeting with my venue today to finalize all the details.
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Wedding day timeline
I am loving my table numbers and their adorable holders. I had Lindsey from Lindsey Ryan Design on Etsy finish off my stationary suite with these fantastic table numbers. They are similar to my menu cards and invitation inserts. I really wanted an image of Marie Antoinette to tie in the theme. I gave each table a name as well as table number. The names are associated with Marie Antoinette. For instance the head table (Table 1) is named Versaille. The parents table is named Louis XV after the King, etc. I love how they turned out. My florist rocks, she is letting me use her crown holders for these beauties. I love how the crown has fleur di lis's on them!
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Table Numbers
Table Numbers 2
I need to turn a list into my photographer of the group shots I would like to take on the big day. So far I have the following:

Large family shot ( Shannon's family)
Shot of me and the ring bearer and flower girl
Shot of me with my two best friends
Family shots- traditional
Shot of Shannon with his best friends
Shot of my girlfriends and their kids (ring bearer and flower girl)
Shot of my Mom's family
Shot of my sister and husband (groomsman)
Shot of me, my sister, Shannon and husband
Shannon and his brother
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Pink Wedding Photography Planning out my group shots
Seriously drooling! This would have been my dream cake! I can't even imagine the cost of this one but it is gorgeous! Sigh.....
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Pink Wedding Cake Amazing Marie Antoinette inspired cake!
Pink Wedding Cake Amazing Marie Antoinette inspired cake!
Pink Wedding Cake Amazing Marie Antoinette inspired cake!
I have to say that when I joined WBC I had a different vision than the one you see here now. Like many of you blue brides, I was a tiffany blue girl (still have touches of it) until I stumbled upon one particular bride. Fabulousmrsklein. She had this incredible funky style that I related to. I found myself drawn to her posts and fed off her. The style evolved into what you see on my blog today. So my question to you is, did you originally join WBC with a different vision, and who on this site has inspired your style now?

P.S. Thank you Fabulousmrsklein for your inspiration. My wedding is going to be fabulous!
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I have a few different OOT bags that I am creating. I will be dropping the OOT bags off at the hotel the day before the wedding so the staff can hand them to my guests at check in. This is an example of the ones I'm giving to my out of town friends. My family members will receive water bottles in place of the wine and will not receive a copy of the movie. I am planning on writing a hand written note to place in each bag. The labels are custom made from I used the same style background for the tags on the outside of the bag, cd's, snacks and water bottles. The bags include:

Marie Antoinette Movie
(2) cans of Sophia Coppola wine in a can with a cute bendy straw ( a wink to the director of the movie and nod to Marie's love of sparkly wine)
(2) trail mix (nuts, raisins and m&m's)
(1) Map to the Venue
(1) Custom cd of music from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack plus some of my 80's faves
(1) Hand written letter (not shown)

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Sweet & Salty
Finished product
OOT Loot
Loot 2