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My first "try on"

OMG! It doesn't fit. I have the same issue as the photo of this poor bride. I have started my workout plan. I work out 4-5 days a week. Walking two miles a day and have started to incorporate weights. Good thing I have 9 months. I'm going to need it! It's amazing how fast the weight creeps up on you.
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  11/04/2008  | 
Have you tried it on with a bodyshaper, like spanx? That might help. I have a somewhat similar problem. My dress zips up but just barely....and it has a built in corset, but the corset stops just above where I have a few extra rolls, lol. Don't worry you're going about getting fit the right way. It takes awhile to see the difference but you will feel it.
imdawn's Red wedding
 |  Grand rapids, MI, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
Check out Kerrilucko's page she lost 50 pounds in 6 months-a bunch of us brides joined this free website called myfitnesspal.com basically you just log your food and exercise-it really helps you stay on track with your calories and work outs...if you do get on there...add me as a support friend I'm imdawn on there too =) Good luck! You're going to be a beautiful bride don't worry!!!!
retro248's Pink wedding
 |  Troy, MI, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
Thanks for the support ladies! I did try the dress on with spanx. Still wouldn't zip up the back!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  11/04/2008  | 
I would make sure the salon did not make a mistake.

Find your original receipt with the style number (your measurements) and the size to be ordered.  Mix up can happen.
retro248's Pink wedding
 |  Troy, MI, USA  |  11/04/2008  | 
I did check to make sure. I fit in the sample perfectly. I re-tried on the sample and had the same result. No more pizza or anything that tastes good for me for the next 9 months!
amandog83's Pink wedding
 |  Waterloo, ON, Canada  |  11/16/2008  | 
I'm sure you'll fit into it with all that exercise!
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