Mar 19, 2009

Is your FH driving you crazy?
I specifically asked him for his guest list months ago...Last night he comes to me with 8 additionals, after I had already purchased our invites months ago! We had about 4 extra in the begining for an emergancy, but NOW...He's added on 8! AUGHHHH! What should I do, since you can't order them by the each! Shall I just create the 8 extra ones myself or should I buy 25! Augghhh!

Are you going through this too? Is your FH driving you crazy?
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's  wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
We have a space limit, we CANNOT fit more then 145 people.  Everyone was made aware of it and it is fine.  

Well just today I recieved an RSVP from someone who we didn't even invite!  It wasn't my FH but my dad who keeps beefing up the guest list.  I can't really complain as he is helping us financially with the event but come on!  He got to invite 8 couples already!

I am just hoping I don't get too many more suprise guests!
fifikiwi's Yellow wedding
Chesapeake, VA, USA
I think you are crafty enough to make 8 invitations.  Being the budget bride diva, would it be more cost effective to make them or to buy 25 more?  You'll have 17 that you won't use though, unless he adds more people.  LOL.  Good Luck!
youandmetimes2's Pink wedding
Mill valley, CA, USA
Girl I told my FH to get his list together three months ago so he would not be behind. Then when I started making the save the dates I told him I needed his list. He gives me a list with 65 people and said that was all he was inviting so I'm like OK. Now he is talking about 85 people. Now I have sent out the save the dates and everyone is calling him asking why they did not get one. You know some of them who are close to his kids mother are thinking I had something to do with them not getting a save the date. We have 10 more magenets and shimmery envelopes and thats it.  Its his problem not mine. They will have to wait untell the invitations.  I told him that he better have his list right by next week when I start making the invitations, place cards, etc. because I'm not adding anyone else after that.  These project are fun but not easy and takes alot of time that can be used somewhere else.  
I dont know about you but GIRL my time is money LOL!
youandmetimes2's Pink wedding
Mill valley, CA, USA
Sorry! LOL I just started venting but I think you can make them. I would not put more money out there.
manningslady's Blue wedding
Jacksonville, FL, USA
OMG!! I am soooo feeling you here!. I asked my FH in AUGUST and hes is still giving me addresses literally right now as I type, 4- 5 to be exact and more might be coming tomorrow, I really let him have it today when we had lunch together, will they EVER understand!!!! It is crunch time, we should be done with this junk by now!

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