Oct 27, 2009

Check out that bling? This would be amazing to spritz your bachelorette party, headtable and family tables with these beauties. This pattern is so powerful you will only need to space these out to give your table that special accent of Damasky!

Menus shown can be ordered separately.

Please all placemats to be sold by 4's
Photo Shown: Trimmed in White with Bling.
Remember that all Damask placemats come trimmed in your accent colors to match your theme.
Email me at: Partyshakers@yahoo.com

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Damask Placemats with bling
budgetqueenrhena's Chocolate wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Nice...You know that this is your fault! I'm changing over to burgandy damask! HAAA! Get ready?
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Really????Why is it my fault? LOL You started it! Ball is in your court girlie! Bring it on! HAAA-HAAA!

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