Tablecloths arrived
Tablecloths arrived
90 inch white
Tablecloths arrivedBlue Wedding Reception Our Tablecloths Arrived From Craigslist!90 inch white

Wedding Reception
Our Tablecloths Arrived From Craigslist!

OMG! After all this prepping for the special day, receiving these round tablecloths and seeing them with my DIY overlays...I can't express how breath taking it is! I'm so glad we purchased them at $9.00/ea instead of renting at $11.50/ea.
amyi444's Red wedding
 |  Lavagna, Escaldes-engordany, Italy  |  02/20/2009  | 
isn't it funny how oftentimes it costs more to RENT something as opposed to BUY something?  what's up with that?  it happened to me with some decorations that i was going to rent from our catering company... i ended up BUYING those same decorations for less than the rental fee!
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Pickering, ON, Canada  |  02/20/2009  | 
Yeah!! That's so great you found some, and once the wedding is over, you can always rent them through your party planning business....so you can almost look at it as an investment!
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  02/20/2009  | 
whooo hoooo!
's  wedding
 |  Jesup, GA, USA  |  02/20/2009  | 
Now you can get to work of renting them out so they can paid for themselves. (lol)
waltmand's  wedding
 |  Columbus, MS, USA  |  06/05/2009  | 
can someone tell me where to find them on craigs list?  I cant seem but to search city by city and I am coming up empty handed.  Help?  :(
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  06/06/2009  | 
What you do is....go t the Craigslist homepage. There is a search box on the left side column. Type in linens in the box to filter. This is not a popular item, it randomly appears. You can filter your area, or other cities too. Type in the key words you are looking for. Good luck!
abhayrathore's  wedding
 |  Delhi, Andorra la vella, India  |  10/23/2010  | 
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