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Ok all the beautiful ladies! I need help! Can anyone give me any ideas on what color looks good with Burnt Orange? I'm not really fond of brown and burnt orange.. So, maybe Ivory cream?? or peach?? Not really sure.. Pls. help! Thanks!
purplenat1's Purple wedding
 |  Lafayette, IN, USA  |  02/09/2009  | 
There are so many options! OK, first decide if you want the second color to be dark or light. Dark options:
navy blue, burgundy, deep plum, eggplant, deep grass green or bright purple.
Light options:
White, cream, peach, pale pink, sky blue, lavender, pastel green, or light yellow

Some of these combos will be very bright (purple, green) some will be sensual (burgundy, plum, eggplant) some will be soft and pretty (most of the pastels).

Go to a paint store or paint department, and look at the color chips. Find an orange one you like, and hold i up to any other color you like, and see if you think it's nice.
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  02/09/2009  | 
Ivory and gold.
kaylag's Red wedding
 |  Manchester, NH, USA  |  02/09/2009  | 
any time of purple! it looks so good with orange. like a sunset :)
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  02/10/2009  | 
I kind of like brown tones with bugandy....Fushia & orange,
Lime and orange...whatever...even cream/ivory and orange...
fifikiwi's Yellow wedding
 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  02/10/2009  | 
I like a seafoam green or a light sage.
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