different tier different flavor
filigree cupcake
different tier different flavor
7 tier
cupcake holder
toss bouquet cupcakes
cupcake minis
butterfly cupcake
black filigree wrapper
butterfly cupcakes
filigree cupcakedifferent tier different flavor7 tiercupcake holdertoss bouquet cupcakescupcake minisbutterfly cupcakeblack filigree wrapperbutterfly cupcakes

Wedding Cake

I like the ribbon around the tiers and the filigree wrapper on the cupcake. But I think it may be a bit too much.
Also, I like the idea of lining the base of each tier in coord. paper as illustrated in pic.

all white
no topper on surrounding cupcakes
white filigree wrapper

Cupcake Holder
5 Tier White Wrought Iron (holds 150)

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cupcake stands
Well, we're at a stump right now. I watned a cake, but I think we are going with cupcakes! I love...
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