For all the women that are happily you ever look at others brides still planning and get SAD :(

You what. Planning took up sooo much of my what???? lol i'm not saying being married isn't fun, i'm just saying...running multiple errands in one day...talking to different vendors...being able to yell at somebody and blame it on the stress of planning a wedding.....I kinda miss it lol

I still sneak on here every now and then...and also on project wedding. I've moved on from watching wedding shows to home improvement shows lol We aren't ready for a baby I don't like to watch the baby shows. *sigh* Idk...even though the planning was so stressful...I think I kinda liked it in a strange way. Is that weird???

If I could do it all over...there are certainly a few things I would change. What about you???
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OMG you guys!! The time has come....yes its finally here!!

i'm a nervous wreck! Sooo many things to do!

We have another rehearsal today..the flowers were SUPPOSE to
arrive from yesterday..lets hope and pray they come

The weather is soo unstable. Its suppose to rain tonite into 2moro..
and they said most likey saturday morning..and the rest of the day
it will be overcast and muggy. Quite a change from what they said
earlier this week. They said it was suppose to be 77 and partly
cloudy. *sigh*

The reception hall is now trying to go back on their word and not
let us setup the night before..they now want to only allow us 2 HOURS
before our scheduled time (12pm-2pm) to set up. The wedding
starts at 2:30..*shaking my head*

Anywho..I just want to take this time to thank all of you lovely ladies for all of your help and your input. This has been a wild ride..and I couldn't have done it without you ladies. Thank you for giving me a virtual shoulder to cry on lol and for being my BFF's even though we never met. I promise to come back with lots and lots of pictures..don't forget about will be awhile..I come back from my honeymoon June 12th. Take care everyone and I will miss all you my short time away.

I love you guys!!! I really do...thanks thanks soo much xoxoxo

- Shan
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Soo i finally finished the cardbox! I still need to go print out the pictures and add them to it. But I think it came out pretty good.

The 2nd picture is the headtable centerpiece..If you remember from a earlier post..the "vase" that it is sitting in is actually a candle holder lol it took forever! there are 75 roses! uugh but its done!

I'm still working on the programs/fans..I finally got the 110lb paper. The calla lillies will arrive on tues. and the roses will be here next thurs. then i'll have to make the bouquets, bouts. and corsages. The friday before is going to be sooo hectic!

My bachelorette party is on friday night! wont actually be a bachelorette party..because the FH will be in attendance.

I still haven't wrote my vows yet..can you believe it!! lol i'm in the process of making vow cards (inspired by sarahdarling).

I'll be sure to post the pics from friday! Its getting soo close ladies!!
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Blue DIY Wedding Cardbox Done! And other Misc. Things..
Blue DIY Wedding Cardbox Done! And other Misc. Things..
Thanks to my mommy i'll be having REAL flowers!!

My bouquet will be roses and burgundy calla lillies

The 2nd picture will be the head table..

pic: #3 will be the bridesmaids bouquets..3 (burgundy calla lillies)

pic#4 will be the guys boutonnieres (also burgundy calla lillies)

pic. 5 is a burgundy calla lily

I will have 8 centerpieces with 3 calla lillies...
the other 8 centerpieces will be the manzanita trees with roses & crystals
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Ughh I soo love this idea! I wish I could have seen it sooner..

My girls have the separates from the davids bridal collection with the convertible tops..but I could have saved them about $100!! is very well known for the style..but I found a lot of alternatives that are very very nice to your pockets lol


Ebay Seller: Mountain Island Designs
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You are such a kind and giving person!!
There aren't very many people in this world who have a big heart..
and I can honestly this lady does!!!

I would like to personally thank you for extending your savings
opportunity to myself and the other WBC brides. You didn't have
to do it..but you did. And for that..I am forever grateful!!

Thank you thank you thank you..I can't say it enough!!
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I have been searching high & low for this sign particular sign template!

Does anyone know where I can find it??!

They have one on but im not able to edit
the section that says "ice cream palour" Please help!
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I see that a lot of brides on here are having seating arrangements.
I think i'm the odd ball out lol. It just seems stressful to me.

My FH already has us over our guest limit..*shaking my head*
So i'm HOPING everyone doesn't show up anyway. I only have 60
guests...he has about 85..we only have seating for 128 people. :-As I said before..there are a couple of people who hate each others I think this way..people can sit wherever they want and
AVOID the people they don't want to be in contact with. Of course you
ladies are going to say "they shouldn't mess up your day" but........
You guys don't know these people lol lol..and i'm being serious!
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So..after searching the internet for HOURS
I finally found the Our Family Wedding Soundtrack.
I was literally looking it the saturday after it was released lol.
Silly me I know.

I heard a snippet of a song I absolutely LOVED.
I'm not exactly sure if I want to use it..but I just might.

Oh..and I'd like to add...LANCE GROSS IS SUPER SEXY!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

Soundtrack listing can be found here:
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Family Wedding
Aren't these too cute!! Hmm..what flavor to choose..decisions decisions...a cute little bow on the stick would be cute too. I just hope I don't burn them!

The directions can be found here:

And supplies:


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