Oct 30, 2009

I'm thinking about getting these for my BM's...i found them on ioffer...but i have never used the website before. I'm a ebay gal =)

$2 a piece! and in some cases the seller gives free S&H!! I only need 8..i think it will be a good buy! I might even get a few for myself ;-)

I hope they are authentic..they have the coach tag..so i think it should be ok..what do you ladies think????

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unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Markham, IL, USA
If they are 2 bucks each they are not authentic. A wristlet at the store runs about 95.00
The ioffer is basically all replicas from China. Its the top replicas most times but still a replica..I say still get them, its very hard to tell when their fake. I am actually getting my Chanel ballet flats from there for my wedding
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Markham, IL, USA
Also check on shipping with ioffer..I have yet to see free shipping..my shoes were 20 bucks but they want like 20 for shipping as well since it is over-seas
sarahdarling's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
they're very cute, but for $2 each they are definitely cute. i'd get them anyways bc brands aren't really a big deal for me.
chantalerin's Purple wedding
Penticton, BC, Canada
I saw this too. They can't be authentic but they are still cute. Also, you only get free shipping if you order 20 or more.
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
mrscosta2b's Pink wedding
Providence, RI, USA
Do It!!!
gonzo17's Blue wedding
Austin, TX, USA
they arn't authentic-BUT, ima buy em! lol.
I had planned on getting my girls personalized tote bags-which was coming out to $40. hell, for $10 more i can get 20 wristets haha. i think they make excellent gifts & they all look totally authentic. love it. i love ioffer. almost as much as ebay ha.

but yah-you only get free shipping if you order a certain amount. i only need 9-but it would be $18 shipping. i might as well pay an xtra 10 and get something out of it right?
brilliantbrunette13's Chocolate wedding
Colchester, VT, USA
I'm getting coach wristlets for my bridesmaids but I'm ordering them off of ebay!
s00n2bemrsb0lton's Blue wedding
Hayward, CA, USA
thanks for the comments ladies..

i guess i was a little naive to think they were authentic..but a girl can dream lol

anywho..i decided to add a bracelet to go inside the wrislets..I found a bracelet on theknot.com..right now they are only $7.99!! what a great find!! And they can each be personalized with their initial! i'm so excited!

futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
Falls church, VA, USA
These are nice. Good thing I only have 2 BMs and 2 GMs to worry about getting gifts for..
blackbeauty334's Black wedding
Montgomery, AL, USA
Thanks for sharing this great find. I am like the other even if they are authenic they are nice and will make a nice gift and all will enjoy them i am sure. I am ordering 20 of one design and 10 of the other. This is really a great deal to me and giver me a relief in what to get them I will add a silver compact to this. Or if i don't get the compact I am still going to get there Tiara and necklace and earring set for them and also fip flops to change into at the reception
oldiva's Purple wedding
Long beach, CA, USA
Im going to order some too! :-)
mintcy's Pink wedding
Miami, FL, USA
Hay for that price i say go for it.  I have never seen free shipping on ioffer.  I haven't ordered anything because a few brides said they thought it wasn't good to and for what I wanted the shipping was really.  i did a posting about it as well.  Anyways happy planning
miriamrobert's Pink wedding
West covina, CA, USA
I just bought some for my girls too. I have 6 girls and bought one for me as well. Each matched their personality!!  I went to an outlet in Ontario, California (USA) and used a 30% coupon they gave me at the store and paid $207 TOTAL for all seven wristlets!!!! AUTHENTIC
's  wedding
Middletown, NY, USA
i would like to buy a few can u please tell me how can i my email is serj0802@yahoo.com

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