Mar 29, 2010

So..after searching the internet for HOURS
I finally found the Our Family Wedding Soundtrack.
I was literally looking it the saturday after it was released lol.
Silly me I know.

I heard a snippet of a song I absolutely LOVED.
I'm not exactly sure if I want to use it..but I just might.

Oh..and I'd like to add...LANCE GROSS IS SUPER SEXY!!!! Ahhhh!!!!

Soundtrack listing can be found here:
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Family Wedding
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I love this song and the movie girl... *singing from the movie.... I cook your food, I ll pay your rent...soon as I get home from work* lol
tomorrowlastsforever's Red wedding
Greenville, NC, USA
That part in the movie was hilarious [lol]..but very pretty song!! Great choice!!
tomorrowlastsforever's Red wedding
Greenville, NC, USA
and YES!!...Lance Gross is SEXYY!!!
chanelbride's White wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Very nice! I love this song!
's  wedding
Hayward, CA, USA
gorgeous6: I searched high and low for this soundtrack..i had to have it!! lol haha I know the movie was hilarious!!

tomorrowlastsforever: *drooling* Lance Gross!! *screams* lol
s00n2bemrsb0lton's Blue wedding
Hayward, CA, USA
chanelbride: Yes, its very laid back. I don't know..something about the song is just very catchy.
's  wedding
São paulo, Vardak, Brazil
I am looking desesperately for this soundtrack. Do you know how we can find a download link?
's  wedding
Oakland, CA, USA
I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I'm not sure if it was released. I would probably just download the song from limewire. Were you looking for a particular song? Or you just wanted the whole soundtrack?
's  wedding
Hampton, VA, USA
Find Love conversation in FROSTWIRE
's  wedding
Saint michaels, MD, USA
i NEED 2 know where i can get the COMPLETE soundtrack from this movie
's  wedding
Greensboro, NC, USA
hey what is the song that is playing right before the credits starts adn also begins the credits

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