So i have about a year until the wedding, and i would like to lose about 80 pounds before then. I gained that weight over the past 4 years and i refuse to look back on my wedding pictures and think that i didn't look as beautiful as i could.

I started logging everything i eat and all my activities on and it sets up a healthy diet plan for you. For the first time i'm eating the food in my refrigerator, and losing weight...

The first 7 pounds are gone!!!

I recommend the site for anyone looking to lose a little or a lot of weight or just looking to "healthy" up their diet. Its all portions with them and eating more good food then bad.

Even someone who LOVES food like myself is making it work!!!

just thought i would share!
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While having a wedding in Cape May, I want the whole thing to feel very organic and holistic with a touch of beach..... not the other way around...

tell me what you think about some of these ideas...
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aisle runners
some of the centerpieces
this is actually a ringpillow, but i thought it may be neat for on a table with a few flowers on a corner
i thought mums in these tea tins would be adorable.
an idea for bridesmaids flowers...
i think i want to go all white and green
We have our perfect apartment for the two of us, and our families are always asking us about where we are registered... they want to give us gifts for Christmas and birthdays of things that we need now since we already live together, and I can understand, we can use a lot of the normal "wedding gifts" now.

So i did registries both on and

i have to say it was fun shopping like i had all the money in the world..

Any suggestions for things that someone wouldnt normally think to put on a registry but really should?

I made sure to include a lot of price ranges, and i dont have an astronomical amount of things, but i figure as we get closer i can always update and add if need be!
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