Jul 27, 2009

Originally, I'd been planning on doing a traditional toss- using lavender in little doily cones but then I was thinking about it, and one thing I hadn't considered was the fact that when we'd be leaving, it'll be about 10pm and it'll be dark outside. VERY DARK. Even with the best flash on the camera, you still won't really be able to see the lavender.

We can't use sparklers because it's a state facility & they don't allow any kind of open flame (sparklers included) so that's out, and whatever we use has to either be easily cleaned up, or biodegradable & non-hazardous to wildlife.

Then it hit me- GLOWSTICKS!!! I love, love, LOVE the idea- back in high school I used to hang out with the kandie kids & ravers a lot- in fact, even though I didn't go to raves back then, everyone pretty much considered me one because I was all about some parachute pants & powderpuff girls kid's t-shirts & striped punkyfish sweaters with neon colored elastic jewelry & yarn falls. (honestly, I was more a cross between cyber goth & kandie kid but whatever...)

When I met FH, I was going to raves and one of my best friends was about to teach me fire poi & devil sticks. Once we started dating, I learned of his passion for glowsticks. Not for the same reason I like them, but because he feels he must always have a supply of them in the house incase of power outages. lol. I'd already been planning on getting a few of the tube style ones from the dollar store to slip into the kiddies bags because what kid doesn't love something that glows in the dark? lol. Today at Michaels I saw they had tubes of 15 glowstick bracelets for $1 each and decided to get a tube just to see how good they were and how long they'd last. We cracked them hours ago and they're STILL going! However, FH wants to do only blue, white & pink glowsticks (our colors) instead of doing a rainbow effect and I'm not sure how cheap I'll be able to buy them if we're doing select colors. But either way, I think it's a pretty cool idea! It'll make for some awesome photos and we can use them at the club for the afterparty too.
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Blue Exit Toss GLOW STICKS!!!
kristah's Green wedding
Langley, BC, Canada
That's a fun/unique idea! and will look awesome in photos!
I bought a bunch for the little people at the wedding from Michael's too. Glad to hear they last so long!

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