Aug 6, 2008

since we've pretty much eliminated the possibility of Montana (much to my dismay!! but perhaps we'll honeymoon there instead) because Chris really wants a few people there that won't travel that far we've pretty much decided that the wedding's probably going to have to be around here.

My mother calmed me down earlier and made me realize that even though everything has suddenly crumbled around me, it isn't the end. We can still do this. It won't be as extravagant and over the top, but we can still make this a decent situation. But it's really hard for me. I had my heart set on the plans I'd created. It was totally do-able. And now I don't even want it because it's been tainted. It doesn't hold the same value to me anymore. But I don't want anything else either. I just want to throw my hands up and do the courthouse instead.

I'm looking around trying to get new ideas. Trying to find something that captures & inspires me. It's so hard because none of this is what I want. And the only ideas I've had so far really aren't worth it because they aren't what I want but I guess I'm just going to have to settle with it. I can do it how I want to once we're more stable and can renew our vows I guess.

so... ideas-
JC Raulston Arboretum it is a pretty garden. My friends got married here last summer and the ceremony was beautiful, but it was terribly hot (as it usually is around here in June). They're fairly reasonably priced though.

Buckhead Saloon- It's pretty nice in there. It looks sort of like a hunting lodge. There's two bars- one centrally located & overlooks the dancefloor & stage, the other is in the lounge. They'll close down the whole club for the event too. The only thing that kind of irritates me is that they have a sand pit/volleyball court in the patio. I wonder if they could cover that?

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soon2bepayton's Chocolate wedding
Virginia beach, VA, USA
Aw, I'm glad that you have calmed down and are ready to start again!

The Arboretum is beautiful! But I guess I'm a little biased for it since I went with Maymont :-) But it's pretty, and VERY decently priced! Are you sticking with your September date, because if you are, you won't have to worry about it be SO hot!

And the reception sounds nice. How much are they asking to rent it out? And I'm sure they'd cover up the volleyball court if you wanted them to.
tamaragb's Chocolate wedding
Carmel, NY, USA
I do not know where you live and I am from NY so I cannot help u with any venue ideas but I will say --don't get to discouraged- I had to compromise a lot for my wedding due to budget and location so keep your head up!! You will still have a lovely day marrying the man u love!

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