Oct 7, 2008

I've been searching for *ages* to find a chevron ring that I really like. Because of the shape of my engagement ring, it's difficult to find something that fits well with it & I don't intent to only wear my wedding band after the wedding. I grew up with my mum wearing 3 rings- her engagement ring, her wedding band, and an eternity band. I plan on doing the same thing.

What makes me laugh however, is that my wedding band is going to be the same shape as my mom's rings were. Even my engagement ring has a sapphire in it like hers did.

When we first started looking around to see what would go with my ring, the only thing we could find were insert bands, where my engagement ring would sit between two guards & it would have to be soldered together. I'm not prepared to damage either ring by soldering them. I also wouldn't have been able to wear an eternity ring with it. We started to think that the only way we could find just a band, would be to have it custom made which was well out of our budget.

I'm so happy to have found something that would work! and we might be able to pick it up for cheap at the outlet in one of the towns around here which makes it even better!
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not my actual engagement ring, but almost exactly like it. mine's just 80 years older. lol.
Zales Diamond Chevron Channel Band in 10k

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