Jan 7, 2010

bestman dropped out

so zachs favorite holiday is new years. so of course we had a party. well his best man is his friend that he has known for a long time. well by the time he got there we were all pretty drunk...ofter all it was almost midnight on bew years eve. well after a while of us drinking and hanging out i mentioned something about the wedding....well he thought that would be a great time to tell us we shouldnt get married! he doesnt think that we know eachother enough to get married...i told him that he makes a good point..we have only been together since may...but still its our choice. so when he should have dropped the conversation he kept going....for about 2 more hours. at this point i am just ready for bed. well on monday he called zach and said he doesnt want to be in the wedding and thatbif we want to uninvitebhim we can. I feel really bad for zach...but what an asshole right? i mean what does he care if we get married? so he is going to ask his father to be best man.
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