Jul 14, 2010

Hey girls. I am having a very casual wedding and I need some ideas for appetizers . So far I have a cheese and entertainment crackers, and pumpernickel and rye bread with dip. I dont know what other things I should have. I dont want chips or dips. I want something a little nicer than that. Any Ideas would be great! and dont forget to add a recipe! Thanks girls
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soconfused's Red wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
What about a tray of mini appetizers like mini quiches, or mini spring rolls, or meatballs, fruit trays........ Um??  I dunno what else.

Go to www.allrecipes.com

They have the most amazing recipes. I'm sure there will be some good appetizer ones there
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Wi Na
San juan, 00, Puerto rico
chicken salad on pita bread!

canned chicken
mayo (or sour cream)
cream cheese
salt and pepper
mustard (not much)
onion finely chopped
green, red, orange or yellow peppers (have fun) finely chopped

Mix, taste, put as much or as little as you like

Take whole wheat pita bread (with pocket) cut it in half (2 half moons) then cut those in half (you'll get 4 triangles out of 1 pita bread) do not separate the pita by the seam, stuffed the triangles with the chicken salad, arrange nicely on a tray, using lettuce on the bottom.


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