Apr 12, 2010

Ladies, ladies, ladies...the wedding is over and we are more happy than we could ever imagine!

There is SO MUCH to tell you girls about, but the quick overview is that the entire day was absolutely perfect!

The girls came to my place at 930am to start hair and makeup and no one could believe how calm I was! They kept telling me that I was making them nervous because I was just talking and laughing and eating instead of stressing out and pacing around! It just all felt so right that I knew there was nothing to worry about.

I'm still waiting on getting pictures from our photog (about 3-4) weeks and I think I'm going to start bugging people on Facebook today to start posting what they have on their cameras. In the meantime enjoy the photo wall picture and one of my faves of me smoking cigars with the guys.
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ps. thank you SO MUCH for all your kind words in the last post. Before I started getting ready the morning of I got online and read them all. You girls are amazing and I am truly touched. Thank You!
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mr & mrs!
fijipearl's Red wedding
Euless, TX, USA
AWW !!  I love the picture frame shot of you guys !!  Congrats Sarah!
You look awesome ! Post some non-pro pics if you have them so we can ooh and ahh over all the DIY's and blood, sweat, and tears you put into making your day fantastic and unique !!

smooches !  
~ fijipearl
foreverstartsnow's Black wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
Awe, Sarah! Welcome Back and you looked AMAZING it looks AMAZING.
Start bugging people :P
Also, I've been "stocking" your blog for when you came back!

's  wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
Your photo wall turned out awesome! I am also making one!
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
The photowall pic is super cute. Congrats :). I'm glad that your day went well!
unpredictablebride's Black wedding
Oak forest, IL, USA
Ohh!!!! You looked amazing!!!!!!!! Congrats on mow being a Mrs!!! Cant wait to see MORE pictures!!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I looooooooooooooooove this picture! We all totally missed you! :) We hope you stay around, hopefully now you def know how much you're loved. :)

Sooo glad you had such a wonderful day hon! You totally deserved it!
fallinlove's Chocolate wedding
Indianapolis, IN, USA
aww!! Congratsulations!I love wall photo!! So glad everything went well! Can't wait to see more pics!!
spirtle's Chocolate wedding
Cary, NC, USA
I love this picture...You guys look great! Can't wait to see more.
tashasita's Purple wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Oh btw, Congrats on becoming a MRS. I cannot wait to join you in that club and you looked absolutely beautiful! I actually told Mark all about your wedding on Saturday at lunch cuz he asked me why I was quiet and at that moment, I was thinking about how your day went Friday, how everything came together etc...

It is so funny how attached you can get to ppl you never met!
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
congrats! you look amazing!!! glad you had a great time!! x
featherbride10's Black wedding
London, ON, Canada
YAY!!! One of my fav WBC brides to check up on! Congrats Sarah you looked unbelievable! I cant wait to see the pics of all of the awesome details that you have been working so hard on!!!!
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
You looked stunning girl!!! I absolutely LOVE the photo wall. That is such a great picture of the two of you. CONGRATS MRS Sarahdarling!!!! Can't wait to see more
trt117's Blue wedding
Pensacola, FL, USA
SO glad it was perfect for you!!!!!  Whats even better is all the time and effort you put into personalizing your wedding all came together for you seamlessly!  Congratulations!!!

P.S. That cigar photo is TOO cute!
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
Oakdale, NY, USA
Love the photo wall...congrats
mibride080610's Purple wedding
Grand rapids, MI, USA
These are awesome and I can't wait to see more! You were beautiful!
blingy713bride's Blue wedding
Houston, TX, USA
Congrats!!! You looked so beautiful...tell them to hurry up and post the pictures because your WBC family wants to see more.
brilliantbrunette13's Chocolate wedding
Colchester, VT, USA
CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see pictures of all your DIY's that you worked so hard on. The photo wall picture is so adorable.

Enjoy being a Mrs!
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
Hazlehurst, MS, USA
Awwww, both of these pics are so cute!  So happy all went well and you had an amazing wedding day.  Congrats and welcome to the other side...Mrs.!

Thanks for sharing a few sneak peaks you knew we were waiting for your return.  :)
nlovesb's Green wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
congratulations! cant wait to see your pics :)
siriacruz's Green wedding
Killeen, TX, USA
Love the photos, Congratulations..I can't wait to see more pics ;-)
summerbride2010's Black wedding
Greensboro, NC, USA
Hey Sarah!
LOve the photo frame shot...TOO CUTE!!  Glad your day went perfect! Congrats again!
amandasoontobemoury's Pink wedding
Tacoma, WA, USA
OMG Sarah you look so beautiful! :)
honeybee's Purple wedding
Brandon, MS, USA
Congratulations Mrs.!!!! Your phot wall came out absolutely perfect. I'm sure your guests had a ball with that. I am soo glad that you had a perfect wedding. You definitely deserved it. I can't wait to see your other photos and hear your extended briefing of the day.
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Yay!!  MRS. in the house!  Congratulations sweetie & I am loving the prelude of pics you shared!  So excited to see the rest :)
courtneykins's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Sarahdarling.... I am so happy for you - I hope your day was everything you hoped it would be - can't wait to hear the rest of it... Loved your pic's that you have posted! Congrats on being a MRS!!!!!

rachelw849's Black wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
You look amazing!!  Hope everything went well cant wait to see more pictures!
's  wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Excellent!  Man, I was really thinking about you on Friday. Wondering about the weather and your special planned day. How exciting. I love the photo frame wall. Excellent!  I'm having hubby make one for my company as well, for an upcoming event later on this year. Can't wait to see the photos and Congratulations! Welcome to the other side! Yayy!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
That's a great pic of you and the fellas! Congratulations!!! :)
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
What a tease! I want more!!! lol Congrads you two!!! cant wait to see the rest..i absolutely love the picture wall of you two lol
jennyfur's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Congrats MRS!!!!!  You guys looked great!! :)  Cant wait to see more....
felisha45's Pink wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Congrats! My mom lives in Hamilton and I asked her what the weather was like on your wedding day! haha I can't wait to see more pictures :)
monikas's Chocolate wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
Great picture.You look beautiful
mrshtobe's Blue wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
Congrats, Mrs. Sarahdarling! That photo wall turned out FAB, judging by that pic, and you looked like a million bucks!
I can't wait to hear more!
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Congratulations sarah!!  It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! You look great...love the picture frames..how unique!
misstoni26's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Omg hun! Your pic is sooooooo nice! I love it! You absolutely amazing and I'm glad your day went well! Can't wait to see some more pics!!!
kbreunig's Black wedding
Raleigh, NC, USA
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! those two pics are awesome, i can't wait to see more. you looked gorgeous & i'm glad it was perfect :)
snichols34's Black wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
Ooooo it looks like it was fabulous!  Your dress was lovely - it all came together like it was supposed to.  And the photo wall - just perfect!  Congratulations!
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Fontana, CA, USA
Ahhhh this is like the 10th time I've searched your name since Friday night to see if you updated! hahah So exciting!!! you look amazing and the photo wall is perfect!!!!  So happy for you both and congrats!  I can't wait to see all the pictures and all your hard work out on display!!!! xoxoxo Renee
jennandian2010's Black wedding
Barksdale afb, LA, USA
Awwww Im gad everything was perfect! What was your secret for being so calm???? Being super organized??? I love the few pics you posted cant wait to see all of them!!!
innomaki's Blue wedding
Roodepoort, Sant julia de loria, South africa
Cool pic! Congrats!!! Enjoy married life!
's  wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA
So glad to hear everything was PERFECT! Congrats to the two of you; you look so happy, and it looks/sounds like it was everything you wanted it to be (and more!)!
aimee114's Pink wedding
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
your back and everything was fabulous. so very glad to hear everything went perfectly for you! We can't wait to see more pictures and the photo wall looks in one word  AWESOME !!!!!!
I bet your guests loved it. Hope you are doing well, and hunny ...

's  wedding
Auburn, NY, USA
awwww, you both look soooo happy..congrats !!!

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