Black Wedding Reception Attention Black Brides

Wedding Reception
Attention "Black Brides"

If you are using black as a color in your reception/party theme, run, don't walk to your closest Home Goods store and look at their Black ceramic Beverage Dispensers w/ silver spigot. They are will the Halloween things in my store and are the most beautiful dispensers that I have ever seen. About three feet high, and just to die for!!

I ould love your feedback on them as I am thinking about buying three for my reception.

sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  09/26/2009  | 
Do you have a pic of it? It sounds great!
kristah's Green wedding
 |  Surrey, BC, Canada  |  09/27/2009  | 
oooh, I think I bought one of the ones you're talking about!
We have HomeSense here in Canada, but I'm 99% sure it's the same store as HomeGoods.
Is it the one that's on silver claw feet? (I think they are called claw feet, lol).
labrumwedding's Black wedding
 |  Chatsworth, CA, USA  |  10/13/2009  | 
hey girl....just wanted to say thanks so much for emailing me about this.  we went that following day & picked one up..  it's GORGEOUS!!!! =) thanks again for looking out =)
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