Oct 7, 2008

i need help indecideing which cake is the nicest cake.. i need your votes... personally i like number one but any suggestions would be nice to hear....thanks girls
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Green Wedding Cake help pick which cake...
fierygurl's Green wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
I personally like the 2nd cake.

The first cake is a little too busy for me. Also, I like lighter greens than the darker ones. But, if the dark color is your wedding color, you might have a different opinion. Good Luck!
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
Mobile, AL, USA
I agree that the first one seems a little too busy for me...and also it might be more expensive for your bakery to recreate (which is obvioulsy something you would need to consider before making a final decision!!).  I personally like the softness and simplicity of the 2nd cake more, but maybe if you like the darker green then you could have the vines/leaves that are going up the cake be a little bit darker and then let the little flowers stay a bit lighter.  I'm sure there are ways that you could combine both of these cakes into one if you really like them both...or at least if you like certain elements of each one.  Just show these pictures to the bakery and they might be able to come up with something that's somewhere in between the two that would be specifically designed just for you!!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
I like number 2...No gaps in between is needed...More elegant with the stacked closeness.
eponine923's Green wedding
Lancaster, PA, USA
i like the first one. I think if you took out the green 'pillars??' it would be stunning. I like the darker greens better. Depends on the time of year your wedding is i guess. The lighter is nice for summer/spring, the darker is great for fall & winter could go either way. I say the first, only toned down a tad
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
I love #1, it's so pretty with all the greenery!
wifewag's Orange wedding
Brentwood, CA, USA
I like #1 without the pillars

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