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I've had a really difficult time finding shoes that didn't have much of heal and still had a strap to go around my ankle so I don't flip flop down the aisle, but I finally found a pair. I would of liked to have had some sparkle with my shoe, but they all had too much heal and my foot would be killing me all day in them. Plus I don't want to be taller than my FH!
jnowak's Blue wedding
 |  Allen park, MI, USA  |  03/07/2009  | 
Those are so great! I am looking for something similar, where did you find them?
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 |  Webster, NY, USA  |  03/07/2009  | 
here2help's Blue wedding
 |  Mesa, AZ, USA  |  03/15/2009  | 
You know, you could make it a DIY project....  use some jewel glue and affix some sparklies to your shoes to give them some dazzle =] VERY cute shoes!
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