Oct 5, 2009

So the flowers that i chose are ivory/white hydrangeas and lilies. I want a big round puff for my bouquet but I would like to somehow incorporate both flowers with a brown ribbon around the handle. When I went to the florist with my MOH we were told that I wouldnt be able to use hydrangeas because they will die before we're finished with them that day. I looked it up online and I found out that other brides had used them and they weren't as bad as our florist made them out to be... Can someone help please?? I don't know if I should take the chance on my dream bouquet, or play it safe and choose something else... Any opinions?
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White bouquet
fierygurl's Green wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
You can use hydrangeas. They just need to be left in water until the last minute. They do love water. If it's a big deal you could use a small vase for your bouquet and then cover the vase and stems in ribbon to conceal it.

I'm using hydrangeas too. Mine will be green and blue!
soon2bmrsv's Purple wedding
Oshawa, ON, Canada
I have the perfect solution for you if you have your heart set on these flowers... I was at a wedding show in Whitby, and met these two wonderful ladies who have an artificial flower business, but omg you cannot tell they are artificial. The fabric that they have is not  silk, so they are not scrtichy at all.. they look real.
here is her email : ash_fallis@hotmail.com
and their business is 'From the Stem Up', their number is 905-728-0008, Ashley and Terri

I would email them and see what they have to offer. They are located in Whitby
Good Luck!!!

P.S. I have never seen lilies look this real..
cjmullin's Blue wedding
Westerville, OH, USA
There are a lot of places online where you can buy preserved hydrangeas.   I haven't worked with them, but I bought preserved roses for my wedding and they are gorgeous.  They preserve the flowers using a freeze dry process, and they end up feeling just like fresh flowers (not crunchy/brittle like air drying).

Using preserved flowers is a nice mid-point between artificial flowers and fresh flowers. soon2bmrsv is right... the artificial flowers of today are amazing!!!
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
Killeen, TX, USA
There is a site on my page that I posted and they will put together a flower board for you. They did mine and I posted the results so check it out and send them your issue and see what they come back with for you.

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